How to Make Someone Feel Important To You (2023)

The Obvious keywords of this topic are “Someone” “Feel” and “Important”. Of course “someone” here can be referred to as an unspecified singular personality of human beings while “feeling” I often regard as an emotional phenomenon.

Hence, to feel is an emotional trait of touch sensation or sensational concern for or about oneself, object or other human beings as regards this context. While to be important is to attract high priority, to have inestimable value, that cannot be done without (Non-negligible). Now put together, how can you make someone feel important to you?

It may seem pretty trivial for some as to why it might sometimes be necessary to send the “you are important to me” signal, but as unimportant as it may seem there are quite a good number of reasons to why it may be important to make someone or better still people feel important and with a good summary these include

Why Is It Important To Make Someone Feel Important To You

It Maintains a Good Relationship

Making people feel important not only helps maintain a good relationship but helps to improve it. And even in a romantic relationship, it strengthens it and eliminates more problems than you can possibly imagine.

Improves one’s self-esteem

Making people feel important makes them feel better about themselves. Think about it, if everyone were to treat u the way u treated them how’d you feel, Good or Bad? Exactly the point. “Do unto others what you would have them do to you” (the golden rule). I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t appreciate being treated as insignificant or your self-esteem to be tampered with. Hence, why you should make others feel important.

It Motivates and Inspires

Take the work setting, for example, you often realize that people who feel important in an office setting or are treated as important tend to deliver more and even better than other probably because the boss as entrusted them or giving the feeling of importance and this has served as a motivational tool because they wouldn’t want to let the boss down. So the feeling of importance actually inspired people t do better.

It Affects how people treat you

Just like the golden rule that has been previously highlighted states ‘do unto others what you’d have them do unto you’. Of course how u treat people could very much determine how they would treat you. Treat them. as important and you’d most likely be held as important too(‘most likely’ because this doesn’t apply to all cases Lol). But generally making someone feel important to you will go a long way in helping you in the long run than the person because how you treat people tells a lot about you rather than them.

The most loved people in the world are not normally judged on how they behave generally, rather they are often judged by how they made or make others feel when they are around them by the things they do, what they say and how their behavior towards others.

Life is not a bed of roses, this and many more are things concerning life we hear every day. Yes, life is not always smooth and even though it is accompanied with some rough edges, the fact remains that no man is an island and whatever you do in life you need people and whether you get aid during those rough times or not usually all boils down to how well you treat people as well as how you make someone feel important to you.

On the other hand, besides the presumed question as to why it might be somewhat Paramount to make people feel important, some persons might not be asking why but how because many a time we get to meet people who become important to us or even in our family setting as well as friendships. We have various people in our lives who we hold as dear but then suck at expressing and making them realize just how important they are to us and then it leaves us wondering how we could possibly make these people feel their importance to us. Hence the post “How to make someone feel important to you”.

From the inspiration of one of my favorite authors, Brian Tracy, in his book “no excuses!! The power of self-discipline” who highlighted seven ways to make people feel important to you, I added an additional Seven, making it 14 ways to make someone feel important to you.


how to make someone feel important to you

Accept people the way they are

Arguably everybody wants to be accepted the way they are. Even at that, most people have a picture in their heads of how they want others to behave, the things they want others to say, the clothes they want others to put on and all of that. But, people actually appreciate it when they are loved for who they really are. It boosts their self-confidence; their morale and it goes a long way in helping them improves in areas they think you’ll want them to just because you accepted them with their flaws

Show your appreciation for others

Appreciations goes a long way in putting a smile on someone’s face. Ever done something for someone and wasn’t appreciated for it? If you are being truthful to yourself, the feeling is anything but good. The same goes for everybody. The simplest of appreciation is saying “thank you” this will propel the person to do even more and better things than he/she has done already

Be agreeable

Being agreeable is a gift that few possess. It’s something that makes people stand out from others. Well if you have difficulty attaining this feat, you could be forgiven but try as much as possible to fight to you get to this point. It’s the act of not waiting just to argue in any situation we find ourselves. The most welcomed people in any situation are those that are generally agreeable and positive with others. Being agreeable to someone shows how important someone is to you.

Show your admiration

Hardly ever will you find someone who hasn’t invested his/her time or money into something. Showing admiration for the achievement of such a person as unnecessary as it may seem will go a long way in putting a smile in the face of such a person. This normally makes the person want to set more goals, invest more and achieve more just because you’ve shown how important such a person is to you.

Pay attention to others

A man who isn’t always given attention is a lonely man and it sucks. For someone who is important to you, paying attention to such a person is one of the little things you can do. Even to the littlest of details, it’s very important. One of the easiest ways to show that you do pay attention is by asking questions when you see some things are looking different from what it normally was. This shows that the person has someone who’s looking out for him/her and tells that you are of importance to such a person.

Never criticize, condemn or complain

Criticism as common as it is. Is not usually fancied by the target. Nobody loves a destructive criticism. As bad as criticism goes, condemnation and complain is no better. Instead of going to criticize, condemn or complain you can simply go and advise in a way that you won’t make the person feel you are better off. Even when the target is not present, it goes a long way in killing trust because those present will feel that’s what will also be done in their absence. Learn not to criticize, condemn and complain about people who are important to you, rather talk to them.

Be Respectful, courteous, concerned and considerate of everyone you meet

The respect they say is reciprocal. When you treat a person with respect and courtesy, it doesn’t take anything from you instead it makes you respected too. I doubt there is a better way to show someone how important they are to you than to show them respect.

A good level of respect not only makes one feel important but makes one feel valued. Of course, there are times you joke (constructive jokes) but it’s of a greater benefit when you get to know another person well enough to know their limits and what they would perceive as disrespectful in order not to cross those limits: keeping mutual respect in between jokes constant.

Mutual Relationship in form of Periodic calls, Visitations and Peaceful Communication.

Learning to call once in a while as well as the visit and generally just keeping communication(which would be the major focus)going is very important. Communication doesn’t involve talking alone but listening and paying attention to details.

“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know but when you listen you learn something new”. In this context, learning something new would be about learning more about the other person; getting to know them better.

Everyone loves a listening ear and not just someone who is clung upon only what they want to say because coming across various species of humans has made me realize that some people actually enjoy the sound of their voice to that of anyone else and could care less about whatever you have to say.

Who’s better than someone who can sit and listen to you yell, rant, pour out your emotions without getting tired, irritated, judgemental or upset with you? I doubt there’s a better somebody. Try as much as possible to give listening ears to someone who is important to you because showing an Interest to want to get to know more about a person would definitely make them feel important to you.

” Great Communication and most importantly Comprehension Stirs up a deeper level of connection”  – DollyMchottney

Follow up

This is what we’ll all do for people who are important to us. Spending time together is the simplest of them all. Create a reminder that reminds you of all things that are important and dear to the person in question, for example, his/her birthday, his/her child’s naming ceremony, etc. Those things that are normally done when one woos a girl all fall under this category. There’s nothing wrong with taking 2 hours off just to go get drinks together and send an SMS when you get home reading “would love to do things some other time”

Be honest

Honesty is key to any relationship. I doubt anybody will be happy to realize that someone dear to him/her is not being honest to the person. I believe most times when one brings all their dirty linens out in d open and come clean with another especially if its a romantic relationship, it could be seen as a sign of someone who sees you as important and is willing to grow with you because dishonesty jeopardizes relationships. So, try as much as possible to be honest with those people who are important to you. It builds their confidence and makes them feel special

Special messages and Presentation of Gifts during Special occasions

Congratulatory messages in times of Special achievements such as graduation and Special messages or presentation of gifts during special occasions such as birthdays could be a way to show love, gratitude, and encouragement. Even a random presentation of gifts without any form of ceremony could make someone feel important to you.

Invitation to Special programs, occasions or functions

If you happen to regard someone as a dear and they were celebrating their birthday or probably getting married and you were not invited how would you feel? Not Important right?Exactly!  Invitations to special programs or functions of ours could strike a feeling of closeness and importance. It doesn’t necessarily have to be yours, even invitation to special and helpful programs too could give the same feel. The feeling of one wanting to attend a program or function together could give one a feeling of importance to another.

The offering of Useful Advice, Guidance, and Counselling

Useful Advice, guidance, and counseling can be offered when needed. This makes them aware that you want the best for them and ready to help in your own way whenever possible. It makes them feel safe and comfortable with you knowing they have someone they can talk to and run to when they need to be counseled without judgment. This would, in turn, make them feel important to you.

Sharing of Useful Ideas

In a world where everyone is trying to fend for themselves and be better than everyone else, we would come to realize that lots of people hoard information and ideas that could possibly be useful or help another move forward or be better. Sharing these useful ideas as well as information that could help someone would make them really grateful and indebted towards you. Not only will they feel important to you but hold you with high esteem knowing that you really do want nothing but the best for them. These ideas could come in the form of business ideas(how to monetize your skills), academics(probably how to get better grades), etc.

If before reading this article, you don’t do at least ten of these to the person you claim to be special to you, I doubt that person is actually special to you. If for any reason I might be wrong, cultivate these habits as it may go a long way in proving how important someone is to you and you’ll be appreciated for it.

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