Sleep! Health Benefits Of Sleep(2023)

Benefits of sleep:

1. Sleep can improve heart health:

According to the American Heart Association, a short sleep duration or poor sleep quality, can lead to high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol. If it is done as a habit, it can spike the likelihood of cardiovascular events.

Your cognitive health and mood will remain in better shape with adequate sleep. 

2. Cognitive health gets better

Several studies have noted that if you don’t sleep enough or lack sound sleep, it can lead to cognitive decline and conditions such as dementia.

3. You age well if you sleep well

A study published in the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Journal and led by the University of Exeter, indicated a poor sleep pattern can lead people, especially over 50, to have a negative perception about ageing.

4. Your energy levels will be higher

It’s a simple equation. If you aren’t rested well enough, you will feel lethargic and low on energy all the time! That will also impact your routine and mood.

5. Better skin

Many studies have found that lack of sleep can lead to spiked stress, which hampers the skin with eruptions like pimples and acne. Keep these at bay with the simplest of things: sleep!

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