Skipping: Benefits Of Practicing Skipping In Your Fitness Routine(2023)

Listed below are some of the benefits of skipping:

  1. It puts great focus on cardiovascular health that helps burn a good amount of calories in a short amount of time. This can help in boosting metabolism and assist in one’s fat loss journey.
  2. Skipping is a plyometric movement that can increase one’s jump potential and performance. This makes it a great activity to add if you are into sports and performance.
  3. It demands a lot of muscular strength and endurance that helps one build muscle and joint strength
  4. Skipping puts a good amount of load on the lower body which creates a need for adaptation in the bone density. This means that it can help improve one’s bone density if the person is under a good nutritional program with no prior injuries and diseases.
  5. Doing it in an adequate amount is also good for joint strength and makes you more functional.
Skipping is one of the simplest and most result-oriented exercises EVER. 

Does skipping have any side effects too?

Just like most things, too much skipping might also cause some harm. Skipping is an impact activity, so too much of it might start to cause some joint harm as well. That is why it is best to couple skipping with a good exercise routine.

Since skipping is an impacting activity it may not be the best bet for someone with prior lower body injuries and other bone density related diseases.

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