Sitting Too Long! 4 Things That May Happen If You Sit Too Long(2023)

Signs of sitting too long in one position:

1. Swelling in feet and legs:

Swollen feet and legs are easy to spot. They look bigger in size than usual. According to a study cited by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, fluid accumulation in the legs due to sitting too long can lead leg edema and risk of blood clots in extreme cases. Sometimes, fluid accumulating in the legs is accompanied by fluid shift into the upper body, which may lead to increase in blood pressure, respiratory and sleep issues.

You may notice swelling in feet if you sit for prolonged hours. 

2. Sore hips and back:

When you sit for too long, don’t you feel your hips and back hurting? That’s because you tend to rest on your ischial tuberosities, according to Harvard Health Publishing. Also called ‘sit bones’, these are the bony parts at the bottom of one’s pelvic region. Also when we sit for a prolonged time, it places a pressure on your lower back, nerves, muscles, tendons, and even ischial bursae. These are fluid-filled sacs near the ischial bones.

3. Weight gain:

If you have a weighing machine, you’ll be able to tell how much you have gained. If not, then you can simply feel the extra fat and your clothes getting tighter. Inactivity is one of the major causes of obesity, and regular exercise and healthy eating are the only ways to combat it.

4. Fatigue and excess tiredness:

Fatigue is more than just feeling sleepy or being tired. This feeling of exhaustion can interrupt daily life. Lack of sleep, too much physical activity or an unhealthy diet can lead to fatigue apart from sitting too long.

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