Simple Exercises That Help You Keep Your Spine Upright(2023)

Here are four simple exercises that can help you keep your spine upright:

1. Deadlift
It’s all about stretching your spine to the max, and deadlift does exactly that. Just ensure you don’t arch your spine, and keep it steady.

2. Forward bending
This one is another stretch that helps to keep your back straight, and also relaxes the lower back muscles. A deadlift stretches your lumbar restoring the correct posture. That’s why it’s a great way to loosen up your muscles after long sitting hours.

Bend it like a pro. 

“Whenever you stand up after long hours of sitting, try doing forward bending four to five times as it also helps in improving blood circulation”, he suggests.

3. Cat-cow pose
These two poses flex your spine at its best. They improve the agility of your spine, and the movement releases the tension in the entire length and breadth of your spine.

“You can also try doing a standing cat cow pose for a straighter spine”, he suggests.

Cat cow pose by Shilpa Shetty.

4. Pigeon pose
Your spine doesn’t just need forward and backward bending to relax, but it also requires some isometric moves to make you drop that hunch. And that’s exactly where pigeon pose helps. This pose reaches the deepest of your muscle tissues to revive it.

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