Simple Exercises For Better Sleep(2023)

Here are some exercises that older adults can perform for better sleep:

1. Walking

It is an underrated form of exercise. Walking is a universal activity and can be done anywhere. Choose how brisk a walk you want depending on whether walking pre or post meal. A good walk releases endorphins, powerful brain chemicals, that help you sleep, and getting a little peace and quiet while allowing your heart to pump blood in the system before bed can be quite beneficial for overall wellness.

2. Light weights

Cardiovascular exercise works best when it’s combined with a little weight training. Strength training builds muscle, and that requires energy, which helps you relax and sleep. For older adults, lifting weight may not be the best way. But they can use household items such as books or water bottles for muscle training and training motor skills for better balance and agility.

Make physical activity a part of your daily life. 

3. Yoga

Since yoga is a form of resistance training focused on posture improvement, breathing techniques, and meditation, it has many good results. Harvard University conducted a survey where results showed 55 percent of participants reported improvement in sleep quality with yoga practice while 85 percent reported reduced stress.

Taking a simple 5-minute yoga regime before bedtime. Including asanas for relaxation helps attain quality sleep and reduce inflammation in the stomach. In general, including yoga in a daily fitness regime will also help the body relax and improve circulation.

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