16 Glaring Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you

Cheating is one thing most guys don’t tolerate in a relationship. As disgusting and annoying as the word cheating sounds, not knowing that your partner is cheating on you is the worst heartbreak. And I’m going to share with your some of the signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you. 

Trust me; it’s sometimes difficult to tell if a girl is cheating on you. And it’s humiliating when you accuse your woman wrongly without having a proof of such accusation. However, if you take note of the signs discussed herein, you can tell if your girl is cheating on you. 

It’s normal for most men to vouch for their women’s faithfulness. But you still need to know what’s happening in your relationship. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying it’s wrong to trust your girlfriend. But don’t pretend that everything is fine even when you start observing funny behaviours. 

For every heartbreak you get, there are obvious signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you. You just fail to recognize them because you trusted her…

My friend during my undergraduate days had a terrible heartbreak that almost caused his life. The guy’s name is Desmond; he loved a first-year girl (Tina ) very well. They were always together, and we even called them Romeo and Juliet back then in school. 

And there’s a particular man that’s always coming to carry her in a car. She claimed the man was her uncle until my guy (Desmond) visited the girl’s room unannounced. Guess what he saw? They were having sex – if not for our intervention, Desmond would have committed suicide. 

Don’t be like Desmond, shine your eyes and don’t allow anybody to break your heart. 


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Signs That Your Girlfriend is Cheating On You

#1. She’s Always Distracted

One of the most obvious signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you is when she’s always distracted. You should have concerns when you see your once attentive partner finds it difficult to look at you in the eyes. Sometimes, you may end up repeating things to her severally before she gets it because she’s listening. 

Let me clarify something here; it’s possible that her distraction is due to other issues affecting her. But if it’s because she’s cheating on you, she will seldom stay in a conversation with you and will always look over your shoulder. 

If she’s genuinely cheating on you, she will be looking for ways to disconnect herself from the relationship. In the words of David Klow ( a family Therapist), “if your partner’s actions start changing, then it might be a sign of infidelity. 

#2. She Talks Too Much To Someone

There’s nothing bad about your lady talking to another guy. But when your lady spends more time texting and chatting a new guy, it’s a sign that your girlfriend is cheating on you. 

Again, she may not be chatting or texting the new guy while you are together. But if she tries to hide her text messages or chats from you, she may be seeing someone else. 

However, a time will come when she will unconsciously chat or text the person while you guys are together. And if you see her blushing after reading such chat or text, it’s obvious that she’s cheating or another guy is gradually getting her attention. Whichever be the case, it doesn’t look good. 

#3. She Always Changes The Topic When Someone Comes Up in Your conversation

Sometimes, the easiest way to know if your girl is seeing someone is to bring up a conversation about the person you suspect. And if she sounds disinterested or dismissive, your suspicions may be right. In other words, she may be having an affair with that person, after all. 

#4. She Seldom Invites You Out to Eat with Your Friends

There’s nothing wrong with your girlfriend having female friends. But if she likes leaving you behind while spending time with her friends, it could be one of the signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you. 

In the words of Robert Weiss (PhD), “Your girlfriend’s friend may not be comfortable around you because they may know what’s going on”. After all, a cheater’s friend knows about the infidelity when it started. And there’s a chance that your friends will find out long before you do. For this reason, these people will never be comfortable around you. 

And if you dig deeper, you will discover that your pretty girlfriend is trying to play innocent and hide her affairs. 

I am not trying to say you can’t trust your woman. However, you shouldn’t let your guard down over certain issues. Except you want to fling with a lady, you should fight for her. And the easiest way to do that is to detect it when someone else is trying to cross your territory.

#5. She Has Started Planning Her Future Without You In It

In the world of relationship, nothing happens by accident. When your lady plans her future and unconsciously leave you out of it, I don’t think it’s by accident. You should be concerned about it. 

She may tell you that it was an oversight to cover her tracks. But try to be smart and be ready for what’s coming next (Heartbreak). Like I always tell people, if your partner doesn’t include you in her plans, she may have a good reason for that. 

Do you know the greatest challenge of suspecting that your girlfriend is cheating on you? Well, she will always give a perfect explanation for every one of her actions. Trust me; if you aren’t vigilant enough, you may not see the heartbreak coming. 

#6. She Guides Her Phone and Computer Like Her Life Depends on It

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Of course, your girlfriend’s phone and computer are her privacy. But if she doesn’t have skeletons in her cupboard, there’s no need guiding it as if her life depends on it. 

If she is clean and believes that you guys have a future together, she will be entirely open for you. She will have no reason or whatsoever to prevent you from touching her phones or computer. 

According to Dr Tracy Phillips (a counsellor and therapist), hiding things from you on her phone and laptop is one of the signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you. 

Let me tell you something; every cheater tends to use her phone and computer frequently than before. And she will guide them as if her life depends on it. Again, if your girlfriend’s phone or computer never requires a password in the past, and now they do, it’s not a good sign at all. 

Furthermore, when she has a new habit of deleting her text messages and clearing browsing history every day, there’s something suspicious going on, and you need to find it. 

#7. She’s Unreachable Most of the Time

It’s always glaring when your girlfriend is cheating on you. For instance, your girlfriend is less likely to answer your calls or respond to your texts when she’s cheating on you. 

Let me explain this better before you get it all wrong. It’s normal for someone to miss your calls or fail to respond to your texts because of a busy schedule at work. But when she isn’t taking your calls or responding to your texts while working late at night or on a business trip, it’s one of the signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you. 

#8. She Seldom Makes Time For You

This may sound strange, but nobody is truly too busy, it’s all about priority. When your woman finds it difficult to make time for you, it calls for concern. 

Come to think of it, how come the relationship that was once intimate and fun sudden becomes dry and cold? 

If you still don’t want to believe, let me tell you something else. During the early days of your relationship, she always looked forward to spending time with you and sometimes ask for your schedule. I know you are still wondering what went wrong. Well, it could only be one thing – she’s enjoying the company of someone’s else. 

#9. When She Refuse Your Marriage Proposal

Ordinarily, every relationship should have an ultimate goal; which is marriage. And any lady who loves you and ready to spend the rest of her life with you will never refuse your proposal. 

But when your lady refuses your proposals it means two things – she’s having doubts about getting married to you, or she’s cheating. 

#10. She Gets Angry When You Ask Her Questions

One of the signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you is when she gets mad just because you ask her questions. She tends to get defensive and angry when you confront her about cheating on you. 

#11. She’s Over Jealous and Suspicious

When your girlfriend starts cheating on you, she tends to be over jealous and suspicious. She’s jealous because she wants to clear her guilty conscience. So, tagging you a bad guy or the person to leave the relationship makes her justify her actions. 

#12. She Always Looks For a Reason to Complaint/Fight

Among the signs that your girlfriend is cheating is that she always look for the slightest opportunity to complain or fight. 

Once she starts complaining about things she never complained about in the past, it’s a glaring sign that she’s seeing someone else. Some of her complaints will be; 

  • why don’t you dress well?
  • Why don’t you pay attention to your clean up?
  • She will also complain about her doing all the cooking whenever she visits.

#13. She Finds it Difficult to Say “I Love You.”

This is another area you can quickly tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you. Once she starts seeing someone, it’s difficult for her to say to you “I Love You”. She will always try to avoid it or mumble the three syllabus words. 

You should know that if your girlfriend isn’t showing enthusiasm saying the three most important words in your relationship, there’s a problem. And most times, it could be that she’s cheating and her conscience won’t allow her to say these words.

#14. She Doesn’t Make Eye Contact Anymore

Maintaining eye contact is essential in a relationship. It enables you to see through the soul of your partner. And when she doesn’t want to maintain eye contact, it either she’s hiding something, or she lost interest in you. 

So, whenever the conversation gets serious keep an eye on her gaze, and you can see through her soul. And if she’s cheating on you, she can’t make eye contact with you. 


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#15. She Suddenly Stops Cuddling 

She may not be a big cuddler. But if she was fond of sitting close to you or holding your hands before sleeping, then she suddenly has gone cold, it could be a major sign she’s sending to you. 

#16. She Kisses You Without Passion

You don’t need a soothsayer to know that your girlfriend is cheating when she isn’t kissing you anymore. 

But when she is not kissing you passionately, it’s a clear indication that there’s a problem in the relationship. The problem may not necessarily be cheating, but something is wrong somewhere. 

These are some of the signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you. I hope you find the tips shared in this article helpful…

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