Signs That You Are Financially Abuse By Your Partner(2023)


Your partner insists on managing the bank accounts and doesn’t give you access.

Your partner insists you are unable to manage money properly.

Your partner makes all of the financial decisions related to saving and investing.

Your partner refuses to share what his or her income is.

Your partner hides money from you.

Your partner limits your spending or requires you to ask permission before spending.

Your partner forces you to give him or her access to your bank accounts.

Your partner puts you on an allowance or budget with cash only.

Your partner monitors your spending behind your back.

Your partner requires you to turn over receipts.

You are made to feel as though you don’t have financial rights in the relationship.

Your partner steals money from you or your family.

Your partner doesn’t work and forces you to pay all of the bills.

Your partner threatens you financially if you do something he or she doesn’t like.

Your partner prevents you from working or going to school.

Your partner withholds resources from you like food, clothing, medications, etc. to punish or control you.

Your partner spends freely on him/herself but rarely on you.

Your partner forces you to turn over your paychecks or other income sources.

Your partner requires you to sign documents without explaining what they are.

Your partner forces you to agree to power of attorney so he or she can sign legal documents.

Your partner forces you to share your Social Security number, PIN numbers, and other identifying information.

Your partner threatens to leave the relationship and leave you without any financial resources.

If you are being financially abused by your partner, there are actions you can take to regain control of your life and your finances.

It may feel overwhelming and scary to address this problem directly with your partner or spouse, so the best thing you can do initially is to educate yourself and build some cash reserves in your own name.


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