Signs That Shows Lung Cancer Can Spread To Other Part Of Your Body(2023)

Signs that lung cancer has spread to other parts of your body

Here are the signs, shared by Dr Yadav, that suggests that lung cancer has affected other parts of your body:

1. You would feel bone ache like pain in the hips or back.
2. You would end up with nervous system problems such as headaches, arm or leg paralysis or numbness, dizziness, balance issues or seizures. They are caused by cancer and spread to the brain.
3. There would be lymph node swelling too, particularly in the neck or above the collarbone.
Though these signs and symptoms could be associated with lung cancer, they can also be brought on by conditions other than lung cancer, said Yadav. He advised that if you have any of the symptoms listed above, you should immediately see your doctor so that the “reason can be identified and treated, if necessary.”

What are the treatments available for lung cancer?

Surgery is the most effective treatment in early stages of lung cancer. “It involves removal of that part of lung that is affected by cancer, but sometimes complete removal of affected lung along with lymph nodes in the chest is required,” said Yadav.

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