19 Obvious Signs That She Cares About You (2023)

There are still good ladies out there. I mean, ladies that will love you unconditionally. But we often focus more on the slay queens and end up breaking the heart of those who genuinely care about us.

If you are wondering whether the affection your lady is showing you is real, here are 19 signs that she cares about you.

Glaring Signs That She Cares About You

If your lady does any of the following, please don’t allow her to go, she genuinely loves you;

signs that she cares about you

#1. She Takes Note of Little Details About You 

Unlike what most people think, it’s the little details that matter in a relationship. And if a lady genuinely cares about you, she will remember small details about you.

She will remember your favourite colour, favourite meal, your birthday, and other things most people don’t know about you.

You don’t need a soothsayer to know that you are important to her if she remembers every little detail about you.

#2. She Wants to Know How Your Day Went 

One of the signs that she cares about you is when she’s genuinely interested in how your day went. If your woman is always curious to know every detail about your day, it’s a green light that she cares so much about you.

#3. She Worries About You 

If your woman doesn’t care, she won’t be worried about your well-being. It’s the truth. After a stressful day at work, a caring woman would advise you to have a good night rest, eat something great, and won’t want to stress you.

#4. She Gives You Good Advice 

If a lady always gives you good advice, it’s one of the signs that she cares about you. Generally, ladies are great at giving advice. But if she always advises you about the future and the best way forward. She’s a goddess, never let her go.

#5. She Wants to Know More About the People In Your life 

If a lady cares about you and believes in her future with you, she would want to know more about the people in your life. She wants to know your family members and close friends.

And when he has the opportunity to meet them, he will go extra miles to create an indelible impression.

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#6. She Tries to Help Whenever You are in Difficulties.  

One of the signs that she cares is when she always helps out whenever you are in difficulties. A woman who has your interest at heart won’t only advise you during trying times. But also help you in the little way she can.

However, many guys have abused this over the years. And ladies find it difficult to help guys these days, even if they care about them. I have seen a situation when a guy breaks a lady’s heart after using his hard-earned money to establish him.

But if your lady always looks for how to help you whenever you have financial setbacks. You don’t need a soothsayer to know that she cares.

#7. She’s Happy When You are Happy 

A lady that cares about you will always be happy when you are happy. That’s a real sign of affection. And when you are in a bad mood, she does everything possible to cheer you up.

Ladies like these are rare, but if you find one, don’t let her go. She’s one of the few DAMSELS left on earth.

#8. She Acts Selflessly Around You 

When a woman cares deeply, she acts selflessly around you. Sometimes, she will put your happiness first. All she wants is to see your beautiful smiles. Even though she has other engagements, she may forfeit them, just to help you out with something.

Hey, that she acts selflessly around you doesn’t mean she’s cheap or jobless. And if you try to take her for granted, trust me, you may lose her for good.

#9. She encourages and Motivates you to Achieve More 

If you have a woman who motivates you towards achieving your dreams, the sky will be your stepping stone. If your lady always encourages you to try new opportunities, pushes you towards achieving your dreams, it’s one of the signs that she cares about you.

#10. She Lifts You When You Are Down

Blessed are you if your girlfriend always gives you pep talk whenever you are down. Such a lady is a precious gift that doesn’t come easily.

Come to think of it, how would you feel if you have a lady who makes you feel happy a day after a horrible day at work.

I mean after you lost a big client or you had a failed presentation. Your lady still gives you some words of encouragement to lift you. It’s not common, but if she does, it’s one of the signs that she cares about you.

#11. She Always Makes Time for You 

Do you want to know the truth? Nobody is too busy to share a moment with the people they care about. Not even the president of the United States. It’s all about priority. And if your lady squeezes times out of her busy schedule to be with you, she genuinely cares.

#12. She Makes You Feel Important 

When your lady cares about you, she makes you feel important. Whenever she is (whether at work or with her friends), you will send you a short message, letting you know that you are always on her mind. Awww! Love is beautiful.

#13. She always Laughs At Your Jokes 

To the lady that cares about you, you are a great comedian even if your jokes are terrible. She will always want to listen to your long and boring stories. All she’s interested in is to hear you talk. And she will still laugh even if you crack terrible jokes.

#14. She Always Makes Fun of You 

One of the signs that she cares about you is when she always make fun of you. She will always want to make fun of you because she cares affectionately. After all, it’s only the person you love that you pull the pigtails on.

#15. She Doesn’t Play Emotion Games With You 

A lady that cares about your happiness won’t play emotion games with you. She’s always sensitive about your feelings. And won’t want you to get hurt. She will always be honest, pick up your calls, and respond to your messages immediately.

#16. She Apologies When She’s Wrong 

If your lady always apologies when she’s in the wrong, it means she cares about you. And she doesn’t want to do anything that will hurt your feelings.

#17. She Remembers the Things You Like and Dislike 

When your woman takes note of the things you like and dislike, it’s one of the signs that she cares about you. For instance, whenever she cooks, she doesn’t add preservatives because you hate them.

#18. She Gets Angry With You Occasionally 

When a girl cares about you, she tends to be angry with you over little things. Unlike what you think, anger is an emotion, and a lady displays it towards someone they care about.

Come to think of it; if someone you don’t care about does something you don’t like, you may not get angry. All you will do is to shrug it off.

#19. She Always Defends You 

One of the signs that she cares about you is when she always defends you. She will be your greatest support and protect you whenever someone says something wrong about you.

There you go, these are the 19 glaring signs that she cares about you.

Do you see any of these signs in your girlfriend? Yes? Then don’t let go, she’s a Jewel who honestly cares about you.

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