7 Signs That People Good Gestures Towards You Are Beyond Niceness

Some good gestures are a simple act of niceness while others may go beyond that; especially if such gesture is coming from the opposite sex. In today’s article, we will discuss some of the signs that people good gestures towards you are beyond niceness. 


A few days ago, I listened to one of the most touching stories on the Radio. 


The story centered on how a lady lost a good man because she wasn’t paying attention to the good gestures the man was showing. 


It happened that the man crushed on the lady for so long. 


For some reason best known to the man, he couldn’t express how he felt about the lady to her. 


So, he continuously lavish her with gifts, talked politely,  and was extremely nice towards her. 


But the woman took the man as her bestie because she felt the good gestures from the man were an act of niceness. 


After several years, the lady and the man crossed paths (they are now married). 


They talked about the good old days and that was when the man told her that he loved her so much then. 


But he wasn’t bold enough to express his feelings. 


The lady in question felt so bad. According to her, that man would have been the perfect husband for her. 


So, she advised both men and women to pay attention to little good gestures from the opposite sex. 


Sometimes, some of these gestures towards you may be beyond niceness. 


So, here are some of the signs that people good gestures towards you are beyond niceness. 


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7 Signs That People Good Gestures Towards You are Beyond Niceness 

Here are 7 signs that people good gestures towards you is beyond niceness; 


#1. They Are Fond of Giving You Friendly Hug


There is nothing wrong when you get a friendly hug from the opposite sex. 


However, when the hug is too long and frequent, it’s one of the signs that people’s good gestures towards you are beyond niceness. 


It’s possible that these people don’t normally hug their friends the way they hug you. Once you notice this pattern, it’s pretty obvious that such a person is crushing on you. 


When you get special hello and goodbye hugs from people, you probably mean more to them than just a friend. 

#2. They Remember Everything You Say

When you mean more than a friend to someone, such a person remembers every little detail you tell them about yourself. 


Come to think of it – how many times do you remember little details about your friends? 


Hmm! I guess that is almost never. Now you understand what I mean. 


For instance, if someone randomly remembers what you said about your childhood pet or any other events from your childhood, it’s because that person is paying close attention. 


But what will make someone pay close attention to you? 


Of course, it’s because they really like you and care about whatever you want to say. 


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#3. They Pay Close Attention to Their Appearance

It’s natural for people to look good and presentable when meeting someone they like. They hope that the person may fall for their awesome look. 


Once you notice that somebody has suddenly started dressing nice and gorgeous, it’s possible that they like you. 


Although not always, paying attention to their appearance is one of the signs that people’s good gestures towards you are beyond niceness. 


And when such a person comes close to you, they unconsciously straighten up their closes and comb their hair with their fingers nervously.


#4. They Make Efforts to be Close to You

One of the signs that people’s good gestures towards you are beyond niceness is that they make a conscious effort to be close to you. 

When they sit, they want to sit close to you. Even when you guys walk together, he tries to walk so closely with you. 


These are not mere gestures of friendship or niceness. It’s a sign that the other person is crushing on you. 


When this happens always, it’s obvious that they can’t get enough of you. 

#5. They Can’t Take Their Eyes Off of You

Although it’s non-verbal communication, it carries deep meaning. And it’s one of the signs that people’s good gestures towards you are beyond niceness. 


Of course, we all know that when someone looks at your face when talking it’s an act of politeness. 


But when they randomly steal glances at you even when you aren’t talking, it’s more than being nice and polite. 


Funnily, when you notice them staring at you, they tend to turn their eyes quickly. 


And it’s because they are too shy to let you notice that they like you or steal glances at you. 

#6. Small Talk 

When someone is crushing on you, they engage in small talks with you. This usually happens, when they don’t know you so well. 


They will start discussing issues like “today’s training at work was awesome, have you been to the new restaurant down the road? etc. 


And after a while, they will start engaging in a more meaningful conversation with you. 


They would want to know more about our everyday life, your interests, what you like, and if possible, learn more about your family. 


Sometimes, they may even ask sneaky questions about your love life. When small talk has grown to such conversations, it’s one of the signs that people’s good gestures towards you are beyond niceness. 

#7. When They are With You, they Put Their Phone Away

When someone likes you, they will always put away all distractions whenever they are with you.


They will even put their phone away and focus only on you. 


Is there anyone in your life that does any of these things? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.  



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