Signs Of Vitamin B12 Deficiency On Nails(2023)

Signs of vitamin B12 deficiency on nails

Lack of vitamin B12 can affect your nails and the signs of its deficiency are –

1. Brittle nails

One of the common signs of vitamin B12 deficiency is dry and brittle nails. The lack of B12 can lead to changes in the nail structure, making them more susceptible to splitting, cracking and peeling.

2. Pale or yellowish nails

Insufficient B12 levels can cause a reduction in red blood cell production, leading to anemia. Anemia can manifest in pale or yellowish decolouration of nails due to decreased oxygen supply to the nail bed.

3. Spooning

In some cases of severe vitamin B12 deficiency, a condition called koilonychia can occur, where the nails become concave or spoon-shaped.

4. Blue nails

In severe cases of vitamin B12 deficiency, nails may appear bluish due to reduced oxygenation of tissues resulting from anemia.

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