7 Signs of a Master Manipulator

Master manipulators are dangerous people who habitually use their cunningness, calculating, and conniving behavior to get things done. In this article, you will learn some of the signs of a master manipulator. ̧


You meet them every day, just that you never pay attention to them. They could be your family members, your friend, colleagues at work, your boss, etc. 


Sometimes, celebrities and politicians exhibit master manipulative tendencies. 


Master manipulators always have an intent to deceive. And intrigue is the air they breathe, and they enjoy it. 


Contrary to popular beliefs, personality disorders don’t always turn people into master manipulators. 


The master manipulative tendency is more of a heritable trait. But this trait could be exacerbated by the person’s social and family environment. 


But wait!!! Let’s not give personality disorder a free pass yet. 


Generally, personality disorders could lead to anxiety, panic, depression, disassociation, mania, euphoria, and other feelings and mood. These could trigger master manipulative tendencies in people. 


But generally, here are 7 signs of a master manipulator. These signs can help you identify a person with manipulative intent.


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#1. They Are Not Intimidated 


It’s impossible to intimidate a master manipulator. Instead, they use their charm most innocently with ill intent to get whatever they want. 


According to experts, master manipulators use their charm to perpetuate a cycle of abuse. They perfectly understand how to use their traits as a manipulative tool. 


If you are not careful of this personality, they could reel you back in or instill negative thoughts in your mind. 


#2. They Believe Every Human is Inherently Evil 


The master manipulators have an extraordinary perception of humans. To a manipulative person, all humans are naturally evil. 


Do you believe the master manipulators’ claim that all humans are inherently evil? Let me know what you think in the comment below. 


According to Susan Whiteburne, a renowned psychologist, many master manipulators tend to believe that humans are inherently dishonest and likely to take advantage of each other. 


#3. They Always Find a Practical Necessity for Manipulation


Every master manipulator always finds a practical necessity for their actions. They have bending ethics, a tendency to mislead other people and take advantage of them for greater benefits.  


Does this sound familiar??


At all times, the master manipulator always justifies a practical need for manipulation. And this could manifest in different ways.


Because of their creative thinking ability, the master manipulators can easily find justifications for their misdemeanors. 


However, that someone provides reasons or justifications doesn’t always mean they are manipulative. But it’s a good indication they may have a master manipulative tendency. 


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#4. They Like to Embellish Stories


One of the dangerous signs of master manipulators is that they love to exaggerate or embellish details whenever they tell their stories. 


They can describe a simple incident to look like a big deal. They are experts in including moments and dialogue that never really happened whenever they tell a story. 


Sometimes, embellishment may not be ill-intentioned. But at its core, it’s a tool for manipulation.  


Master manipulators often use embellishing techniques to sway their audience to feel a certain way or gain empathy. 


#5. Their Phrasing is Ambiguous


If you want to identify a manipulative personality, it’s important to pay attention to their language. 


They could say something like, “well, it’s your choice, but… The essence is to use emotional blackmail on you. 


If you can pay attention to the language of a master manipulator, you can glimpse into their true intentions.


Even though some people may not use these phrases for manipulative tendencies, they tend to sway others into a different thinking pattern. 


Manipulative people know how to use the right phrase to steer you to do things their way unconsciously. 


#6. Passive-Aggressiveness  


Master manipulators understand the power of silent treatment, and they know how to use it to their advantage. 


Once they realize that you aren’t doing things their way, they use silent treatment against you. 


And you will end up doing anything possible just to make them talk to you again. It doesn’t matter whether that thing is against your will or not. Trust me,  this can both be agonizing and painful. 


The silent treatment is an excellent example of passive-aggressiveness. And it’s one of the most powerful tools of a master manipulator. 


You may think the silent treatment is less invasive, but the truth is, it’s very potent. 


And master manipulators often use passive-aggressiveness to guilt or shame other people into compliance. 


Passive aggressiveness could also come as snide comments or even gossip. Just try to identify one once you see it. 


#7. They Often Use Others For Their Gain 


Do you have a friend or colleague who tends to always use other people as a shield in the face of the slightest adversity?


If yes, that person is a master manipulator. And using people as shields is a coping mechanism they often employ. 


Do any of these signs describe your experience? Let us know about your encounter with a manipulative person in the comment below. 


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