Top 8 Signals That He Misses You A lot In 2023

Some men have a hard time being open and honest about their feelings. But in those cases, we can assure you that there are signs to look for. If you’re not sure he’s missing you or not, look at the signs.

Signs men give off that they’re missing you:

He’s chatting with you a whole lot.
Sure, it’s easy and totally normal to constantly text, chat on social media, or talk over apps like Google Hangouts nowadays. After all, constant communication is something that most of us are extremely experienced in by now. But there’s a difference with your man. He is not your best girl friend, who you’re used to speaking to as often as you breathe. If your man isn’t typically very “text-y” but has been lately, that’s one very clear way you can tell that he misses being around you.

He likes all of your pictures and posts on social media.
Again, a very typical, even expected action from a best girlfriend, but not necessarily from a partner. If your man has been liking your Instagram pictures—even ones from a few months back—chances are he wanted to see your face because he misses it.

He actually calls you. (Not just texts.)
Gasp! A real, live phone call! Many people aren’t used to chatting on the phone anymore. Sure, we call our dentists and our doctors and our parents, but how often do we actually talk to our friends or partners or lovers on the phone? Chances are, not as often as we would have five or ten years ago, if at all. If you’re just about to cozy up into bed and your phone rings, your man is missing you something fierce and wants to hear your voice.

He asks you how you are.
It may seem like a simple question, but it’s an inquiry that goes a long way. If your man specifically and honestly asks you how you’re doing, or how your day was, or how your week has been, you’re on his mind. It’s a really reassuring feeling to know that he’s thinking about you, and if he’s thinking about you, chances are, it’s because he misses you.

A bouquet of flowers arrives at your office. You just settled down with a glass of wine and a pair of sweatpants and your doorbell rings. You’re about to head home from the gym and you get a text that says, “let’s meet at our place tonight at 8.” Surprises are sexy, romantic, and very exciting. If your man hits you up with a surprise completely out of the blue, it’s no wonder why. He’s missed you.

He asks you for pictures.
Before you feel scandalized, your man may just be asking you for a picture of your face, not necessarily a nude. (Though if he asks you for those, he definitely misses you.) Some people aren’t on all social media platforms. Maybe your boyfriend/partner doesn’t have an Instagram and doesn’t have access to your beautiful face all of the time. Or maybe he does have Instagram but wants a #nofilter, all natural picture of you, just the way he knows and loves you best.

He wants to see you.
We all know that missing someone doesn’t have to entail a long distance trip or some other major reason. You can miss someone from just down the street, even if you spent the entire day with them. If your man is reaching out to see you—after spending time with you, or after not seeing you for a day or two—it’s a clear sign that he misses you. In fact, he may just state the facts.

He says he misses you.
There’s no clearer way to figure out whether or not someone misses you than if they just come out and say it. If your man tells you he misses you, whether you’re far apart or not, chances are he really means it. It’s important to take someone at face value. If he’s telling you he misses you, believe him. He wouldn’t say that if it weren’t true. (Or so we’d hope.)

Being missed is a nice feeling, especially if you’re used to being the one who’s always doing the missing. Regardless of where you are in your relationship, that feeling of longing is a reassuring one. If you’ve been married for ten years and your husband is away on business, it’s nice to remember you are loved and missed. If you’ve been on three great dates but aren’t sure where you stand, it’s a lovely thing to have someone come out and say they miss you. And if you’ve been stuck in a long distance relationship for what feels like ages, having someone actively miss you is at least some reassurance that you are not alone.

If you’re unsure if your man misses you, look for the signs. Chances are, he does.

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