5 Things Sigma Males Hate Most About Women

Sigma males are exceptional men who have an undying love for solitude. They are lone wolves who march to the beat of their own drums and always do things in their way.


But regardless of the sigma males’ traits, they are still human beings. They have needs and feelings to express. Just that they have a high level of emotional intelligence and control.


Like every other man out there, sigma males have romantic relationships. However, while in a relationship, a sigma male is an enigma.


You can’t predict his actions or what he’s going to do in the next moment. But one thing is for sure – sigma males love dating independent and high-value women.


Lone wolves always find intelligent, smart, independent, and high-value women appealing. And once a sigma male meets a woman with these qualities, he’s likely to settle down with her.


But there are certain things sigma males hate most about women. Irrespective of how a sigma male values a woman, if he notices any of these things, that relationship won’t remain the same. 


In this article, I will discuss 5 things sigma males hate so much about women. Once a sigma notices any of these things in a woman, that relationship may be on the rocks.




So, here are 5 things sigma males hate most about women;


#1. Dishonesty


Sigma males don’t like associating themselves with dishonest people. It doesn’t matter whether you are their partner, friend, or family member, once he notices dishonesty in you, he will put you at arm’s length.


Dating a dishonest partner can be emotionally draining for the sigma males to handle.


Sigma males may dislike women with low self-esteem, codependent women, or jealous women, but dishonesty is something a sigma male can’t take from the woman he loves.


Once a woman lies to the sigma male, it makes him feel betrayed. And at that point, no amount of sorry can make things right again.


Nothing will make the sigma male trust and respect a dishonest woman.


Regardless of the situation, the sigma male always wants his woman to speak the truth. He prefers you hurt him with the truth than pacify him with lies.


But come to think of it – Why would you lie to someone as sensitive as the sigma male? Sigma males will never judge you or make you feel terrible about yourself if you tell the truth.


However, trying to make them feel good with lies is something they can’t take.


#2. Bringing Up Old Issues Whenever They Have an Argument


Sigma males respect people’s feelings so much. And when he dates a woman, he expects that woman to respect his feelings as well.


Of course, relationships are not all rosy; not even the one with a lone wolf. There will always be issues to talk about.


The sigma male may unconsciously hurt his woman and make her feel terrible. And once he realizes his mistakes, a sigma male immediately apologizes and sorts issues out with you.


Sigma males always take note of things that make their women angry and ensure that it never happens again.


But a sigma male can’t take it when his woman tries to bring up old issues whenever they argue.


It’s emotionally draining for the sigma male. A sigma male expects his women to forgive and forget issues that they already discuss.


However, he finds it irritating when a woman keeps bringing up old issues just to get back at him.


If this continues for a while, sigma males may quietly end things with the woman. The last thing a sigma male wants to do is to be in a relationship with a toxic and emotionally manipulative woman.


#3. Flirting with Every Guy


Hmmm! This is a serious red flag for the sigma males. The Lone wolf wants his relationship to be exclusive and won’t find it funny when his woman flirts with every Tom, Dick, and Harry.


Don’t get this wrong – sigma males are not insecure about their women. But they find it really appalling when their woman flirts with every guy they see.


Sigma males can’t date a woman who pays no attention to how they feel. It doesn’t matter how beautiful, smart, and intelligent a woman is, once she toys with the sigma male’s emotion, he ends things with her immediately.


Sigma males don’t like anything that will make them feel emotionally drained. They would remain single happily than to date a woman who toys with their emotions.


Lone wolves perfectly understand how women think. They know that flirting with other men is a dangerous thing, and could eventually lead to infidelity in the relationship.


So, he would rather end a relationship that could leave him heartbroken. After all, lone wolves are more likely to approach issues of the heart rationally.


#4. Not Giving Them Their Personal Space


The distinguishing characteristic of the sigma males is their unquenchable desire for solitude. That is how they reflect on the world around them; recharge their creative energy.


It doesn’t matter how much a sigma male loves a woman, once she is too clingy, he finds her really irritating.


When a sigma male is in a relationship, he doesn’t try to control his partner’s life or take up their free time. He allows them to live their life freely and independently.


However, the sigma male expects similar treatment from his partner. The Lone wolf will consider you a burden if you try to control his life or take up his free time.


And once he starts seeing you as a burden, the relationship may never remain the same.


Sigma males are a sensation in the manosphere because they don’t their life to impress anybody, not even a woman.


They control their decisions and if their woman doesn’t give them space to do other things they like, they may want to reevaluate the relationship.


And once a sigma male decides to reevaluate a relationship, it doesn’t always end well.  


#5. Being too Dramatic


Oh no!!! Sigma males find dramatic women annoying and toxic. Well, other men may find the dramatic behavior of women fun and entertaining.


But to the lone wolf, being dramatic is irritating. Acting like a baby to get the sigma male’s attention is a huge turnoff.


Nagging, complaining, and not admitting your mistakes when you are wrong and some of the things that can make a sigma male end a relationship.


Which of these do you find annoying the most about women? Share your thoughts in the comment below.



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