Sigma Males Won’t Leave Women With These Six Traits

Finding the perfect woman can be a daunting task for the sigma male. 


While other men look for women who are beautiful with the right bodily shape, the sigma male wants to be with a loyal, honest, intelligent, and goal-oriented woman. 


She may not be the goddess of beauty, but once she has certain character traits, the sigma male will see her as the most amazing woman on earth. 


Generally, there are several factors that lead to a healthy relationship. The sigma males look out for these qualities in a woman in order to foster a long term healthy relationship.

#1. Supportive Women


Sigma males love supportive women. I mean, women who encourage their dreams, validate their feelings, and help them to stay focused. 


Once a sigma male meets a supportive partner, he takes her very seriously because they are one in a million.

Ordinarily, sigma males hardly give people full access to their life. But once they get used to someone, they won’t leave that person easily. 


Especially, if the person gives them the right compassion and mental support. 


Sigma males believe that being with a supportive partner increases your chances of success. 


And this has been confirmed by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University. 


Yes, the sigma male is a self-starter. Yes, the sigma male is laser-focused. And Yes, the sigma males are highly intuitive. 


But the support from a supportive woman can make life so easy for the sigma male. This contributes to their personal growth and happiness in the long run. 

#2. Women Who Are Passionate About Personal Growth


It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are as a lady, if you aren’t passionate about personal growth, you can’t be with a sigma male for a long time. 


The lone wolves love to be with a partner who encourages new experiences that help them both grow as individuals and develop new perspectives. 


Sigma males love seeing self-expansion traits in their women. Self-expansion is a psychological concept which means the desire to increase or strengthen your potential efficiency. 


The lone wolves tend to be happier and more committed to their partner when they experience new things together. 


Sometimes, the sigma males may not have the time to experience new things with their partner. 


But witnessing their soulmate’s self-expansion always boosts their happiness and dedication to the relationship. 


#3.  Women Who are Emotionally Intelligent


Sigma males can’t stand women who are too emotional. It doesn’t matter how beautiful and talented she is, if she isn’t emotionally smart, the sigma males can’t be with her. 


Sigma males love emotionally intelligent women; Women who are effective communicators, can listen carefully, and understand them. 


Once a woman can use, understand and manage her emotions, the sigma male would find her really attractive and won’t want to leave her. 


When a woman is emotionally intelligent she can easily see things from the sigma males’ perspective. 


An emotionally intelligent woman acknowledges and regulates her own emotions, They can easily understand how other people feel. 


It’s easy for the sigma male and his partner to express and manage difficult emotions in their relationship when the partner is emotionally intelligent. 

#4. Women Who are Understanding 


Understanding women are difficult to find. I mean, women who will genuinely listen to you and try to see things from your perspective. 


I tell you this, they are rare. 


But once a sigma male finds one, he would want to be with her for as long as possible. 


An understanding woman can easily relate and empathize with whatever challenge the sigma male is facing. 

Women who truly understand what the sigma male is saying and expressing can easily connect with him at a deeper level. 

#5. Women Who are Kind


Sigma males love kind and generous women. Women can easily win the sigma male’s heart with kindness and generosity. 


It fosters an environment of love, trust, intimacy, and gradually gives sigma male confidence in the relationship. 


Sigma males tend to connect with kind women emotionally and become comfortable with her in the future. 


And this will help to spice the relationship  and be together for a long time. 

#6. Respectful Women 


Sigma males won’t want to leave a woman who respects their experiences and boundaries. 


It doesn’t matter how amazing a woman looks, if she isn’t respecting the sigma males’ experiences and boundaries, that relationship won’t last. 


Of course, the sigma males will always respect their partners’ opinions, experiences, and boundaries; that is because they see them as their equals. 


However, the lone wolves expect the same treatment from their partners, otherwise, the relationship won’t stand the test of time. 


Does your woman have any of these traits? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section. 


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