Siddha Walk: History And Benefits Of Siddha Walk(2023)


Benefits of Siddha walk

Siddha walk has the power to not only accelerate your physical health but it can also elevate your mental and spiritual development. It is a dynamic system based on a scientific approach, which can drastically transform the human body and mind. In Siddha walk, the shape of 8 or infinity, plays a very important and powerful role. It represents connection and how we transition from one task to the other, apart from demonstrating how one act or choice that you make today automatically leads to the next set of choices or tasks that we end up performing.

Make mindful Siddha walking a part of your routine.

History of Siddha walk

The Siddha walk comes from the ancient scripture of Agastya Nadi. According to him, Maharishi Agastya was one of the learned sages, who adopted this technique, researched its benefits and left the legacy of this practice for humankind. Now all of us can adopt it through his manuscript, the Agastya Nadi.

The Siddha walk, known with other synonymous names such as The Eight Walk or The Infinity walk, was then designed, envisioned and practiced widely. It is also adopted by ancient scholars from the divine mountains of The Himalayas, namely Bhagwan Vyas, Bhagwan Vashisht, Bhagwan Vishwamitra, Valmiki, Bhagwan Parshuram, Bhagwan Markandeya, Maharishi Agastaya. They all ended up extensively spreading its practices, with a single mission of the well-being and upliftment of humanity.

Siddha walking is your thing for emotional and mental well-being.

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