Shortage Of Vitamin D? Healthy Ways To Improve Vitamin D In Your Body(2023)

Healthy Ways To increase vitamin D levels in our body?

Dr Nair says, “The best way to make up for low vitamin D levels in the body is by exposing oneself to direct sunlight. Most of us have low exposure to sunlight which results in vitamin D deficiency. Alongside, foods like mushrooms and fish are considered to be rich in vitamin D. Further, the deficiency can also be rectified by taking supplements of vitamin D by taking the dosage reckoned by your physician”.

There are some other factors that affect vitamin D levels in the body too.

* If a person is overweight or has dark skin, that person has a higher risk of having low vitamin D.
* Vitamin D also improves the chances of having a healthy pregnancy throughout the duration. Studies have linked vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy with an increased risk of premature birth, development of gestational diabetes, hypertension and also certain forms of infection.

Vitamin D supplements may also ameliorate or even help curb pregnancy-related reversible bone loss in mothers. The best source is the most natural one – exposing oneself to direct sunlight and soaking up the goodness of sunshine vitamin during the early hours of the morning when the body is more efficient to receive the UVB rays.

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