Short Exercises That Will Warrant Huge Health Benefits(2023)

Some Short Exercises That will give you big benefits
  • Jumping jacks

Simple to do and very effective, we say! When you do jumping jacks, your heart rate will rise. This is not justome  beneficial for all your major muscle groups, but it also loosens up your joints and muscles.

  • Jack squat

Well, don’t look confused! This is only an extension of the jumping jack. Just move into the squat position when you jump with your feet apart. Make sure you squat as low as you can, so that your calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes are worked out properly!

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  • High knees

In this workout, you are working out your arms and legs in the fastest way possible. Just make sure to lift your knees one at a time as high as you can. Your arms must alternate, opposite of the knee that is off the ground. Trust us, you’ll feel that burn and how!

  • Standing oblique twists

This is a great way to end a workout. For this, you need to place both your hands behind your head, and meet one below to the opposite knee. Make sure your core is at the centre, when you twist around. Do this regularly and you will burn that abdominal fat in no time!

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