3 Shocking Psychological Facts About Women You Should Know In 2023

There are psychological facts  men should know  about a women. Fight or flight. This always happens to us when we’re in dangerous and stressful situations. It’s a very basic human reaction.

However, according to research from the University of California, women have different ways of reacting to stress or any threat. Instead of flight or fight, women respond in a tend or befriend way.

This means that instead of leaving the situation or resorting to physical aggression, women respond to a threat by forming strategic alliances. Sometimes even manipulating circumstances and alliances in their favor.

This means a woman befriending you or tending to you may not be one of the signs a girl likes you, maybe she sees the situation as a threat. Either way, this response from women doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t aggressive. They just show their aggression in different ways, like manipulating situations in order to come out of them safely.

3. No, Thanks

A woman can be more easily turned off compared to men, especially when it comes to her sex drive. Sometimes you’ve probably asked is she into you because she probably always refuses you. But, worry not, that’s not always the case.

This is one of the most important facts about girls that you have to take note of. For a woman to get in the mood, there are so many things that need to be considered. A woman refuses a man’s advances because she’s upset, or she hasn’t had a good day, or simply because it feels too hot. The point is that women can be easily turned off even with the little things.

It’s because a lot of factors take a toll on her sex drive.

It’s even funny because according to Louann Brizendine, “For guys, foreplay is everything that happens three minutes before. For women, it’s everything that happens 24 hours beforehand.”

2. Recall

There’s so much research about this, but we just have to accept that women are better at retrieving information from long-term memory. Do you know what this means?

Yes, it’s just right that they’re able to remember specific things from years ago. They’re really better at that than us. This is just one of those facts about girls you need to know.

Don’t judge her or be annoyed at her the next time she brings up something from a long time ago. She can’t help that she’s able to remember a lot.

Women’s brains are different that way. Instead, learn how to impress a girl by accepting this fact and complimenting her on this skill. It’s a great skill, alright! More than remembering memories from years ago, women are also better at fine motor coordination than men. These are just some things that set them apart.

1. No Response Is A Response

Trust me when I say women hate conflict. But there’s one thing women hate more than conflict and that’s someone who doesn’t respond, or if someone has a blank expression. Since women rely on non-verbal cues, it can be very unbearable for them to get a blank expression or no response from someone. They’d rather receive a negative response than a blank one. Men don’t go to as great lengths as women do to try and get a response.

We often would get annoyed when they do, but think about it. It’s hard for them to not get any kind of response from you.

If you get a blank expression all the time, you’ll never know about the signs your crush likes you. It’s hard to decipher people as it is, it’s even harder if you don’t get any form of response. That’s why saying even a simple yes or no is one of the habits women love.

You don’t have to be elaborate, you just have to respond. There’s nothing more unbearable for a woman than a blank expression or no response. If you’re lucky enough, she won’t have a blank expression and you’ll see if she likes you.

We’ll now share with you the one myth about women that you should stop believing right now. There are a lot of myths about women where gender stereotypes root from, but one myth that you should stop believing now is that women are more emotional than men.

This isn’t true. Men can be described as more emotional than women, too. It always depends on the emotion, how and where it is expressed, and a whole lot of factors. The truth is, there’s no basis for saying that women are more emotional. Men and women really have different ways of expressing their emotions, but that doesn’t mean that one gender is more emotional than the other.

In Conclusion

Are there any facts about girls you need to know that we’ve left out? Share the facts about girls you know with us in the comments below!

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