Best Sex Position To Fertile That Egg

The bare truth about sex positions and getting pregnant

When we ask people with strong  sexual communication  in marriage about the secret of getting pregnant quickly, we are often given much advice on sex positions.

For example, we get advice on what are the best sex positions to get pregnant fast or recommendations on how you should practice the top sex position for getting pregnant.

There are also tips about what to eat, drink, and even what supplements to take. The options and recommendations are endless!

However, we might wonder if sex positions are truly effective in getting pregnant faster!

So, does trying out sexual positions for conceiving really work or not?

Well, there is no scientific evidence to support that positions will get you pregnant fast; however, paying attention to what is the best position to get pregnant will still have its own benefits.

Trying new positions can also help you  resolve intimacy problems in your  relationship.

You enjoy the lovemaking session, and if you do it when you are ovulating, then that’s it.

Best sex positions to get pregnant fast

Now, here are some of the best sex positions that can help you get pregnant faster. If  you and your spouse are adventurous, then go and try all of them too.

The best sex position to conceive will depend on your preferences, and no matter which one you choose, these good sex positions to get pregnant should be enjoyed.


1. Missionary position

Although there isn’t any scientific research to back this theory, the missionary position is considered as the best sex position to get pregnant. Sex positions to get pregnant that are listed here are many, but why is missionary position considered most favorable for conception ?

As per many of the health experts, the missionary position gives the perfect angle for the guy’s penis to aim more easily into the vaginal canal. Aside from that, gravity plays a huge part in this too.

Though we still need to remember that not all women are the same. What do we mean about this?

The position of a woman’s uterus also plays a huge part if these sex positions to get pregnant would work or not. Having a retroverted uterus will make the missionary position useless as the uterus is tilted backward.

2. Doggy position

Another best sex position to get pregnant faster is the all-time favorite doggy style. For some men, the missionary style is too tiring, and if you don’t ejaculate soon, you might end up with sore muscles.

That is the reason why most men love the doggy style. Aside from the fact that it gives you a deeper penetration, which is one of the great sex positions to get pregnant, it also less tiring.


3. Get on the Wheelbarrow position

If you and your partner are both adventurous, then you need to try this new sex position to conceive a baby.

The woman will hold herself up with her hands while her aroused and standing partner grabs her legs for support and pulls them around his thighs as he enters her.

Why is it one of the sex positions to get pregnant? It allows your partner to have deeper penetration and closeness to your cervix.

4. Legs on shoulders

Another easy sex positions to conceive a baby that you can try is the legs on shoulders position. It is actually a twist on the all-time favorite missionary sex position.

Here, in which a woman slowly hooks her legs on her spouse’s shoulders during intercourse. It is definitely, one of the sex positions to get pregnant as this position allows your partner’s sperm to get as close to the cervix as possible.


5. Side-by-side scissors

Another sex position to get pregnant soon that you should try is side-by-side scissors.

In this sex position, you just have to lie side by side facing each other. This position can also give you a deep entry that may help your partner’s sperm quickly reach the cervix.

6. Reverse cowgirl

Yee-haw! Most women might have already tried this sex position. It gives both the partners a fantastic feeling!

Did you know that  one in five women has a tipped, ?

If you have this condition, then it’s good news, because this might be the best sex position to try to get you pregnant.  To do this, the woman sits on her partner just like with the woman on top position but facing away from him.

This will give you a pleasurable but unique angle of entry.

Other tips to consider

Did you know that there are still a few other things that you can do to boost your fertility?

  • Orgasm helps

We all know that for a man, ejaculating is vital to getting his partner pregnant. Though it’s not the case for a woman, her orgasm can help the sperm reach the destination if she climaxes.

  • Watch your weight

Remember that being too heavy or too thin could lower your fertility rate.

  • Don’t smoke

We all know the bad effects of smoking, right? It also increases the odds of infertility and even miscarriage.

When should you do it?

So, which of the best sex positions to get pregnant should you try? Well, anyone of this would do; if you can, why not try them all? What matters is that you know when to do it, and that is when you are ovulating.

What is the best sex position to get pregnant will depend on you and your partner’s preferences.

Choose the best position to conceive and enjoy it! Remember, there is no real pressure as to when you have to do it or how many times.

You must also try other ways to  boost your fertility to increase your chances of having a baby.

As long as you are familiar with the basics of conceiving,  just enjoy your lovemaking and wait for your blessing regardless of choosing the sex positions to get pregnant.













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