Setting Goals! 4 Major Thing You Should Keep In Mind While Setting Goals In 2023

Four things you should remember, before you set your  goals for 2023
1. Goals should be concrete

Goals that you can’t measure are not goals but some form of desire. In all probability, you won’t be able to achieve them, because you haven’t chalked out a plan. You should keep them short-term, so that you can stay motivated through and through.

“I ask my clients to divide their goals into one year, five years, and 20 years, and chart out their goals accordingly. In fact, one should make daily goals as they keep you up,” recommends Dr Khemani.

2. Goals should not be about finishing work

If you set your goals, just like another task that you want to start and get over with, then there is no fun. Plus, there are high chances that you will drop it midway. “You always have time for yourself. This will make you happy. It is always better if you work towards something, rather than escaping it,” says Dr Khemani.

3. Break your goals

“What you want to do, plan out, make a roadmap, so that you know where you are going. And track if you are going right or wrong,” suggests Dr Khemani.

4. Celebrate your achievements

You need to reward yourself, that’s the only way to enjoy your goal fulfilment journey. But, rather than rewarding yourself with something materialistic, give yourself an experience because that will have a longer shelf life. It will be engraved in your memory and help you strive for more.

“Striving constantly to achieve more is not happiness. It is just an endless loop. Instead, be focused on finishing things on a daily basis. So, you sleep every night with a sense of contentment and happiness,” concludes Dr Khemani.

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