Self Motivation: 20 Motivational Affirmations For You In 2023

Use these motivation affirmations to inspire you to adopt positive thoughts and beliefs about your life, goals, and yourself.

1. I have legitimate talents, and I deserve to be well paid for my skills.

2. I am a winner, and I embrace the mindset of a true winner.

3. I am a highly motivated person, and I enjoy getting things done.

4. I have all the strength and confidence I need to succeed.

5. I feel worthy and valuable as an individual and am capable of reaching my goals.

6. I am capable of efficiently handling everything that comes my way.

7. I recognize and take advantage of opportunities presented to me.

8. I focus on things I can control and let go of the rest.

9. I have enough, I do enough, and I am enough.

10. I make progress toward my goals every day.

11. I am committed to working toward my goals every day.

12. I am deserving of success, and I have everything I need to succeed.

13. I lovingly believe in myself, my abilities, and my life purpose.

14. I am motivated to get things done, whether I feel like it or not.

15. I effortlessly remain motivated to achieve my goals.

16. I am completely and thoroughly confident in my skills and abilities.

17. I trust my intuition to guide me in the right direction.

18. I am now free of self-doubt and limitations that have held me back.

19. I choose to focus on things that are important to me.

20. Every day, I feel more and more motivated to achieve my goals

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