Self Love Affirmation Cards: 4 Best Self Love Affirmation Cards In 2023

Best self love affirmation cards You Should Know About In 2023

Ready to transform your self love journey? We’ve looked for online for the best affirmation cards. We looked for cards that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also pack a punch when it comes to uplifting your spirits.

1. Meditations and Affirmations: 64 Cards to Awaken Your Spirit

If you’re seeking spiritual awakening and deep self-love, these cards are your answer. Alternative medicine expert Deepak Chopra has put together these 64 thoughtfully crafted cards that offer a diverse range of meditations and affirmations. Every card has an affirmation on one side and a meditation on another. The imagery is also aimed to inspire you to set out on a self-introspective journey.

2. Absolute Affirmations: 44 Positive Affirmation Cards

Sometimes, less is more, and these 44 cards pack a punch when it comes to manifestations for a better and wholesome life. This colourful deck of affirmation cards is empowering and perfect for anyone looking for a quick dose of self-love and positivity. Slip them into your bag, and whenever self-doubt creeps in, let these cards be your shield!

3. How To Love Yourself Cards: A Deck Of 64 Self-Love Cards

True self-love starts with self-acceptance, and these cards are your guide on that journey. With 64 cards filled with self-love affirmations, they help you practice self-compassion and acceptance. The beautiful illustrations make it a visual delight that can brighten even the gloomiest of days.

4. The Little Box of Positivity: 52 beautiful cards

Want the sunshine of self-love and positivity in your life? With 52 uplifting cards, they are perfect for a year of self-love. The beautiful artwork and messages resonate deeply, reminding you of your inner strength and beauty.

5. Power Thought Cards: 64 Positive Affirmation Cards for Self-Love, Motivation, and Healing

A deck of 64 affirmation cards to help you find your inner strength. It features 128 pieces of art illustrated by five artists, each containing a powerful affirmation on one side and a visualization on the other to enlighten, inspire, and bring joy to your life.

Whether you’re seeking motivation or need a dose of self-love, these cards have your back. A pack of 64 affirmation cards, this has the added magic of 128 pieces of art illustrated by five artists.

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