Self Awareness Test You Should Carry Out For Self Growth In 2023


How self-aware are you? Before we get into the list of self-awareness activities, consider taking the self-awareness test from the iNLP Center, then dive into these self-awareness activities.

Self-Awareness Test Ideas

To learn what your strengths are, you can take a host of various assessments that educators and researchers have tested.

1. Strength-Finding Tests

Knowing your strengths can help determine whether you’re fulfilling your potential.

Equally important, if you discover that you’re working outside of your strengths, you can consider making life or career changes that are more aligned with the things at which you excel and enjoy.

Here are some excellent strength-finding assessments.

  • Values in Action Strengths Inventory:This test measures your dominant strengths with 24 strengths across six broad categories.
  • Entrepreneur Scan:This site is loaded with several assessment tools and tests that will help you identify your strengths.
  • Wingfinder: Red Bull offers a personality assessment that shows what you’re naturally inclined to excel at.
  • High 5 Test:The High 5 test assesses your strengths in four areas: drive, creativity, connections, and thinking.
  • Truity Career Personality Profiler: This test is based on the Big Five and Holland Code theories.

2. Eulerian Destiny Discovery

When you fill out your Eulerian Destiny circles, you will find that your self-reflection and critical thinking are provoked. The Eulerian Destiny circles look at four primary areas of a person’s life.

  • What do people say about you? (both informal and formal feedback)
  • What did you grow up around? (childhood environment, childhood values, and parents)
  • For the past five to ten years, what have you been doing? (constants in your life such as hobbies and jobs)
  • What one thing can you talk about effortlessly and easily for hours? (Think of conversations when time has flown by without you realizing it.)

The key is to write down the answers to these questions and see where they all meet up.

It can take some serious thought and time, but doing this exercise will help you to refine your life’s purpose and raise your self-awareness.

3. Psychometric Tests

Personality tests are fun, and we can learn a lot about ourselves when we take psychometric tests.

Here are some valuable tests you can take to understand yourself better.

  • Personality Perfect:This test is similar to the Myers-Briggs assessment (more below).
  • DISC Assessment (Crystal): This assessment determines where you are in four areas: dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance.
  • Human Metrics: Find out which famous people share your personality type.
  • Berkeley Emotional Intelligence:Look at 20 pictures and determine the emotion each person is feeling based on their facial expression.
  • Empathy Quotient: Quickly assess how empathetic you are.

4. Freedom Diagram

A freedom diagram examines three things: fun, talent, and demand.

  • The talent part refers to what you’re good at doing.
  • The fun component addresses those things you would do even if you weren’t being paid.
  • Demand is what others need or are willing to pay for.

5. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI) was one of the early personality tests. The mother and daughter team of Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers developed the instrument based on the theories of psychologist Carl Jung.

Jung believed that there are 16 distinct personality types, and the MBTI will help you identify which type you most identify with.

You can take the Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator questionnaire at 16 Personalities.

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