When You Are True To Self Signs

When You Are True To Self Signs

If you’re someone who is already pretty comfortable with yourself and you’re always true to what and who you are, well done. But how can you be sure that’s what you’re really doing?

Here are some signs you’re already being true to yourself.

1. You’re honest with yourself about what you think, feel, want, and need.

2. You freely share your thoughts and feelings.

3. You honor your needs and say no to requests that conflict with them.

4. Some people like you, some don’t, and you’re okay with that.

6. You focus more on your own values than what society deems acceptable.

7. You listen to your intuition and trust that you know what’s best for you.

8. You do what feels right for you, even if it means risking disapproval from the people around you.

9. You allow yourself to change your mind if you recognize you made a choice that wasn’t right for you.

10. You allow yourself to evolve and let go of what you’ve outgrown.

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