Salt Vs Sugar: Which One Is Worse For Your Heart (2023)

Salt vs sugar: Which one is worse for your heart?

Too much sugar in your system can make you obese, push you towards diabetes, and promote atherosclerosis, all of which increase your risk of developing heart disease significantly. On the other hand, excess sodium can increase your blood pressure levels, putting you at risk of heart disease.

Salt vs sugar: Which one is worse for your heart disease? 

Whether you eat too much sugar or too much salt, both can increase your risk of heart disease. Whether you like salty or sugary foods, you must eat them in moderation. The next time you think about consuming too much salt and sugar, think about how much you are increasing your risk of developing heart disease.

The key to a healthy heart is to eat a diet rich in potassium and low in sodium. Including foods such as whole foods (cereals), vegetables, and fruits might help increase the risk of heart disease. Another good practice would be to read the labels on food items and look specifically for sodium and added sugars so that you can avoid those products. Make sure you’re keeping track of sodium and salt intake.

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