Saggy Breast: Causes Of Saggy Breast(2023)

Causes of saggy breasts

Breasts can alter throughout time and come in a variety of sizes and forms. Also, changes to a person’s breasts are not usually harmful, and it is nothing you should worry about. While the cause of saggy breasts or breast ptosis is unknown, studies have found causes that might cause it. As per a study published in the Annals of Plastic Surgery, certain factors associated with breast ptosis include age, weight loss, higher Body Mass Index, wearing a larger BMI, pregnancies, and smoking. Breastfeeding, weight gain, and lack of upper body exercise can also lead to saggy breasts.

Concerned over saggy breasts? Yoga asanas you can try. 

Speaking of exercise, celebrity fitness trainer Anshuka Parwani took to her Instagram recently to share some exercises that can help you improve your posture and may make your breasts look firm.

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