Saggy Breast! 4 Major Exercises To Lift Up That Saggy Breast(2023)


Hence, she recommends the following five exercises to tone up your breasts for good:

1. Swiss-ball chest press:
Sit on the Swiss ball holding a pair of dumb-bells in your hands and walk away from it with your feet while resting your rear on the ball. Keep moving your feet forward until you lie flat on the Swiss ball and your shoulders and chest are well-supported on the ball.  Now, with your feet firmly gripped to the ground, raise your arms towards the ceiling and maintaining a strong grip on the dumb-bells, lower them slowly, till your wrists are on the either sides of your chest.

Pause here for a second and then push back the dumb-bells towards the ceiling while assuming the position you began with. Repeat this a couple of times and make sure you are using the power of your pectoral muscles.

Ace this exercise to firm your breasts. 

2. Standing arm raises with weight
Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding weights in both your hands, while keeping your chest and back absolutely straight. Next, with your elbows extended slightly outwards and palms facing the ground, raise your arms till the chest level in the front of your body. Hold the position for a second and bring the dumbbells back down slowly.

3. Chest press
Lie flat on the ground/bench with your feet placed flat on the ground and dumbbells held in both your hands. Now maintaining a firm grip on the weights, raise your arms up towards the ceiling such that your wrists come straight in line with your shoulder. Slowly, bring the weight down to the chest level and repeat.

4. Floor push-ups
This one can be done easily anywhere, any time. All you’ve got to do is to lie down with your chest and stomach flat on the floor and legs stretched out. Place your palms on the floor at the chest level such that your elbows are bent roughly at an angle of 45 degrees.

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