Rose Water: 4 Benefits Of Rose Water On Skin And Health(2023)


Here, we got Dr Nirupama Parwanda, dermatologist and founder of Delhi-based Zolie Skin Clinic to spill the beans on this humble ingredient–which, by the way, suits all skin types.

1. It can help you combat puffy eyes
Long nights, bad eating habits, and genetics–these are some of the leading causes of puffy eyes. To banish this skin trouble for your life, soak cotton wool in chilled rose water and keep them on your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes. Et voila–no more puffy eyes.

2. Say goodbye to dandruff with the help of rosewater
Yes, rosewater can even help you get rid of peaky dandruff. It can treat mild level inflammation and eliminate dandruff. You can either mix it with your hair masque or spritz it on your scalp directly. That’s all it takes folks!

3. It can also give you glowing skin
If just moisturiser is not cutting it for you anymore, then bring rosewater into service. After cleansing your face at night, splash some rosewater and let your skin soak in the goodness. When your skin feels 90% dry, apply your skincare products like you normally would.

Rosewater will not only offer your skin extra hydration, but will also give you that enviable glow.

4. Rosewater is a boon for people for oily skin
If your acne-prone skin and open pores don’t let you live in peace, then let rosewater come to your rescue. Clean your face with rosewater, which is bursting with antibacterial properties, once a day to unclog your pores and reduce redness and irritation.

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