Best Romantic Igbo Names to Call Your Lover

When you start to search for romantic names for the special person you’re with, especially names that are not in English, you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that you’re in love. This is why we have selected these romantic Igbo names to call your lover, especially for you.


They’ll reassure your partner and spice the excitement in your relationship. Enjoy!


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10 Romantic Igbo Names to Call Your Lover


#1. Ekwu eme (the one that talks and does)


Normally, this should come with an exclamation mark! Because who doesn’t appreciate a lover that says something then backs it up with action?!


With how fickle the world has become if you’ve got a lover that is this way, you should guard and honor them, as it points to the fact that they’re reliable and dependent.


Regardless of the time and season, you can trust that they’ve got you. They may not have much, but you can always rely on their promise to weather the storm with you.


#2. Omego (the one that is rich)


Literally, this is an Igbo romantic name used for rich lovers, especially men. However, this can translate to include people who don’t have so much money.


In this sense, you can see it as some form of prophecy, especially if your lover is one who is willing to share with you even when they haven’t started making so much money yet.


It goes to show that you appreciate the little they’re doing, which can be a great propeller for them to keep doing more.


#3. Odim na obi (the one that is in my heart)


This doubles as a compliment and a form of reassurance for your lover.


You don’t just see them as though you’re merely courting; you’ve given them total ownership of your heart (body and soul, by extension).


You can use this to soothe your lover during an argument, as the effect is usually like bathing with cold water after a hot, long day.


#4. Dike – (the one who is strong)


If there’s any name with double meanings, this is certainly one of them.


Usually attributed to men, it normally means that you consider your lover as someone you can always lean on. He sees both your strengths and weaknesses and still stays strong, consistent, and dependable.


On second thought, you can also use this romantic Igbo name to hail your man after a very satisfying sexual encounter.


#5. Eze m / lolo m – (the one I consider king / the one I consider queen)


You use any of these for your lover, and it’s like handing the keys of your heart, life, and finances to them. You’ve confirmed that you’re proud of them, that other people are ‘subjects’ compared to them, that they’re the only ones that can complete you and love you for who you are.


#6. Uto m (the one I consider sweet)


This is an Igbo name you give to your lover when you recognize that they are good for you and to you.


Your lover knows your love languages and speaks them every day. They could be angry or not feeling in the mood, but they still remember to be thoughtful towards you.


You can also use it sex-wise for a lover that explores your body and always leaves you sexually satisfied.


#7. Nwoke eji eme onu / nwanyi eji eme onu (the man I can brag with / the woman I can brag with)


Your lover is consistent and predictable enough that you can brag with them in public, and when necessary, can even defend their character.


It speaks to an upright personality and gives pointers of honesty and loyalty towards people in general.


#8. Oma siri m (the one that pleases me)


To you, you’ve searched high and low, and you’re certain that no one can get you as much as this person. Even if you are to repeat the search process, there’ll still be no other person that gets you as much as this person.


It is also an Igbo love name that reassures and placates your lover whenever they’re angry or upset about anything.


#9. Obi agu m (the one who is courageous)


Even in the face of danger, you can be certain that this person will defend you, sometimes, even to their own detriment.


It also means that you trust your lover to make the difficult decisions you may be unable to make. In this sense, it signifies responsibility, leadership, and trust in that mandate.


#10. Nke chinyere m (the one given to me by God)


This Igbo name is giving the Proverbs 10:22 vibes that say, “the blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.”


This romantic name translates to your lover being the best one for you because they were hand-picked by God.


God knows your personality, future, dreams, and aspirations, and he’s carefully selected this person to guide you and walk with you. In this sense, your lover is a custodian and nurturer for your dreams.


Now that you know a few romantic Igbo names to call your lover, let’s check something different.


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5 Romantic Igbo Names for your Boyfriend


#1. Ugo m (the one that makes me proud / the one I can brag with)


You use this for your lover, and it means that you aren’t ashamed of him or the relationship you have with him.


Given a chance, you’ll show him off for everyone to see, regardless of his status, financial capacity, or position in life.


#2. Nke m (the one that is my own)


There can be a million men around you, literally, but you’ll only have eyes for your boyfriend. In the crowd, you’ll still be able to pick him out because he is yours.


You use this name to denote exclusivity, respect, reassurance, and to mark your territory.


#3. Nna anyi (father to all)


This is an old Igbo name that is still very potent.


You use it for a boyfriend that nurtures, cares, protects, forgives, spends, pampers, and fusses over you as a father would.


Whenever he senses your discomfort, he can put everything on hold to get to you and make sure you’re fine.


When broadly examined, the way he treats you also extends to the people around both of you. And when you eventually have kids, you can rest assured that he’ll always protect and provide for you all.


#4. Ike m (my strength)


With your boyfriend, you don’t have to fake strength all the time. You can rely on him to see you on the worst days and to take charge of the situation.


This Igbo name is also a plus if he’s particularly good in bed!


#5. Ife uto m (my sweetness)


You use this name when the care and attention you’re getting from your boyfriend is like nothing you’ve ever experienced.


With him, you don’t doubt your position; he reaffirms you constantly; and does everything in his power to make sure you’re always at ease and comfortable.


Romantic Igbo Names to Call your Girlfriend


#1. Ugebe oyibo (foreign mirror)


First of all, don’t bother translating this literally. (LOL!) But this name is used for a lady that is considered rare and expensive.


If you feel this way about your girlfriend, it means that she’s one of a kind and custom-made for you. It also means that you should be ready to maintain this expensive beauty. So, get your wallet prepared!


#2. Olu gbajie (the one that breaks necks from looking)


This is an Igbo name used for a beautiful lady. And the result of her beauty is that people will always turn to stare whenever she’s passing through.


#3. Oriaku m (eater of my money)


You love to see the happiness in her eyes when she spends your money or shows off whatever she gets with your money.


In turn, this is a propeller for you as you always want to be the man that ensures her comfort and happiness, finance-wise.


#4. Ego oyibo (foreign currency woman)


You consider your woman beautiful, rare, and high maintenance when you use this.


She’s so beautiful and precious that spending on her in your local currency isn’t going to be doing her enough justice. So, you also need high-ranking currencies like Pounds, Dollars, and Yen to continue to take care of her.


#5.Nwanyi oma (a good woman)


This is for a beautiful woman that loves you to the moon and back and always gives you peace.


She’s your ride or dies, always content and willing to put in the effort for your relationship together to work.


Somewhere in there, she’s the kind of woman you can take home to your mother and trust to look after you and your children.


We hope you enjoyed this article on romantic Igbo names to call your lover. Do let us know what your partner’s reaction was when you used any of the names. Thank you!

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