Reverse Prayer Pose:Ways You Can Perform Reverse Prayer Pose(2023)

What’s so special about the Reverse Prayer pose?

This wonder pose is considered beneficial for various reasons:

1. The shoulder movement helps to open the chest and improves breathing.
2. It promotes digestion and in turn, enhances metabolism
3. It also helps to strengthen the wrist tendons, and alleviates any pain in the wrist.
4. It relaxes your shoulder muscles, and reduces any neck and back pain.
5. It helps to reduce stress and eases your mind. Less anxiety means more well-being.

Reverse prayer pose can reduce your joint pain and ease your mind! 

Here’s how you can perform the Reverse Prayer pose:

1. Stand on a mat or on the floor and bring your legs together;
2. Loosen up your shoulders and keep your hands by your side;
3. Relax your shoulders while bending your knees;
4. Put your hands behind your back;
5. Join your palms and keep the fingers pointing downwards;
6. As you inhale, turn your fingertips inward towards the spine;
7. Keep your knees slightly bent and your palms firmly pressed against each other;
8. Hold this position for 25-30 seconds;
9. Inhale and turn the fingertips inward towards the spine, and then back downwards:
10. Release your hands and put them on our side;
11. Return to the initial position.

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