Reverse Dieting: Benefits Of Reverse Dieting(2023)

Benefits of reverse dieting
Research suggests that increasing your calorie intake can help to increase your metabolism, and therefore, burn more calories through non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). So, even if you walk, move around, or chat with a friend, your body will continue burning calories. That’s amazing news, isn’t it?

In some cases, reverse dieting has also helped to regulate hormones in the body, especially leptin, which is associated with weight loss. It is believed that leptin, which is produced by the fat cells in your body, are not as responsive to low calorie intake. That means when the leptin levels in your body drop, you feel hungry all the time, and end up gaining more weight than losing!

A word of advice about reverse dieting
Although this is a great way to step up your weight loss game, medical practitioners suggest it shouldn’t be practiced for more than 10-weeks. That’s because it only focuses on calorie counting, and that’s not the best strategy when it comes to maintaining health and fitness!

So ladies, use reverse dieting as a short-term weight loss strategy, and fire up your metabolism now.

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