Retail Therapy: Red Flags That Retail Therapy Is Becoming Problematic(2023)

Red flags that retail therapy is becoming problematic

• A near compulsive need to keep shopping or browsing online.
• Facing economic hardship because of it.
• Excessive guilt or remorse after completing a buy or criticism from friends or family about it.
• Difficulty controlling it even though you know it is becoming harmful.
• Buying things you do not need or have space to store.
• Having functional impairments leading to missing work, or needing to neglect other responsibilities.

It is known to manifest most commonly in the 20 to 30-year-old age group, but does not seem to become apparent till later in life. Retail therapy can be healthy, if done in moderation. In excess, it can become highly problematic and may require a professional evaluation and treatment to prevent the damage.

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