How to Respond to a Woman Who Needs Privacy

If you notice that she needs privacy, there are things that you can do.

Create Healthy privacy in the Relationship

How healthy is your relationship? Does it have a balance of space and togetherness, or is it all togetherness all the time? Creating healthy space in the relationship gives the two of you room to grow closer, not grow apart.

Smothering her with your affection doesn’t allow room for growth, and it can be toxic to the relationship.

Clarify What Space Means to Her

If she says she wants space, clarify what that means for her. Does that mean she needs more alone time but wants to stay in the relationship with you? Does she want a break from the relationship, which usually means a breakup? Get clarity on what space means to her and what she truly wants.

Each of these signs could also mean that she wants out of the relationship. You’ll never know if you don’t ask. But before you assume the worst, try giving her a little space and asking if she feels like there’s enough space in your relationship.

She might just want to have a night free each week to catch up on her reading or binge watch that show you don’t like. She might need a night to go to bed early and sleep like a starfish across the entire bed. Don’t assume. Just figure out what it is that will help her feel less overwhelmed.

Don’t Take It Personally

You might want to take all these signs personally, but how people act usually has more to do with what’s going on with them than anything about you. Choose not to take it personally.

Put yourself in her shoes and think about how she might be feeling. Before you get defensive or freak out that the relationship might be ending, consider that she just needs a little time to be herself.

Even if you don’t personally have a need for space, you can find something to do with your free time that doesn’t include interrupting hers. It could be an ideal time for you to form a hobby of your own or make time for friends you might have neglected when you embarked on this relationship.

Allow the space to be a healthy part of the relationship and not something you actively resent because it wasn’t your idea.

Final Thoughts

We all need space from time to time. The demands of life aren’t going to shift so that we have more hours in our day, but our relationships can certainly make room. Sometimes, the thing we need the most is alone time to recharge and find our balance.

If you notice the woman in your life signaling for space, don’t make it about you. Don’t decide it says something about your relationship. Be the supportive partner you would want in the same situation and make space.

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