Relationship Melt-Down During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a huge step in any relationship, sometimes it brings couples together, and sometimes it drifts them apart. It is a general belief that mothers who are expecting tend to bond with the baby way before the father.

When a woman gets the news of being pregnant, she starts enjoying this change from that very moment- this new role as a mom. The emotions, excitement, and affection begin almost immediately, but this is not so when we talk about the man.

Very few fathers are equally excited as the mother when they know they are pregnant. Most fathers get this feeling only after the child is born and when they hold their own little one in their arms.

This is why men fall short during pregnancy and fail to comprehend the emotional changes their partner is going through. This can contribute to some major relationship issues during pregnancy.

Relationships falling apart during pregnancy is something extremely common nowadays. Four out of ten pregnant women face great emotional issues and relationship problems while pregnant.

It’s hard to make out why relationships fall apart in such a beautiful turn of the marital journey.

Steps to avoid relationship-fallout during pregnancy

If the couple has a better understanding of how the pregnancy would be and what will be some of the major issues, most of the problems can be resolved beforehand. The question ‘why do relationships fall apart’ would be out of question. This would help you and your partner to enjoy this beautiful moment of your life to the max.

When a baby is growing inside the mother’s womb, it is natural that the body would go through a number of changes to ensure his/her comfort.

Relationship problems that arise during pregnancy are delicate and addressing them carefully is very important before things get ugly. We have listed a couple of reasons why relationships fall apart.

We hope this helps all the couples out there to solve their differences and be there for each other. Let us check them out.

1. Support and understanding

The reason why relationships fall apart is that couples are unhappy during pregnancy mainly because there is a sense of depression and anxiety. Mothers and fathers are not able to fully open up to each other regarding their feelings and emotions.

It is important to get closer to your wife during pregnancy, especially when she is pregnant and depressed about the relationship. To prevent the question of ‘why do relationships fall apart’ appearing in the picture.

Sometimes husbands avoid talking to their spouses to avoid arguments and seem distant during pregnancy which makes their spouse feel neglected. Feeling neglected by the partner after the baby is born can make the mother even more anxious and irritable than she already is.

A  communication problem develops during pregnancy which leads to the couple growing apart in a relationship.  This is what gives rise to the question, ‘why do relationships fall apart’. In order to have a smooth, argument-free pregnancy try to overcome this issue as soon as possible.


2. Emotional turmoil

Dealing with the emotional, mental, and physical desires of a pregnant wife can sometimes be super challenging for a partner. It’s only normal that you see marital problems during pregnancy increase.

It is important that the partner understands that his wife is going through many mixed emotions and therefore should be slightly more tolerant than usual.

Mood swings and emotional breakdowns are common during pregnancy because of the disturbance at the hormonal level. Since the wife is already going through a lot, it is only fair that her partner takes ownership of the task of how to fix growing apart in a relationship.

You wouldn’t want your wife to be pregnant and unhappy in marriage together, would you?

The partner should prepare for pregnancy-relationship problems beforehand because it is not easy at all.


3. Physical changes in the wife

Husbands prefer their wives to be sexy and dressed up for them. But, when a woman is pregnant, the motivation to dress up or even change into fresh clothes somewhat disappears.

Many women even feel unattractive and insecure about their bodies. It could be due to weight gain, tiredness, depression, but this directly affects the sexual relationship between couples.

Husbands may get tired of hearing the same line ‘I am pregnant’ repeatedly and start taking pregnancy like a curse more than a blessing.

Marriage problems during pregnancy keep mushrooming if not weeded out in time, it could lead to relationship breakdown during pregnancy.

This should help you figure out the way around the challenges you are likely to face during the term of pregnancy.

You don’t have to ask the question ‘why do relationships fall apart’ if you cherish the good moments of pregnancy and relationships and take the challenges as an opportunity to bond and get closer together.























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