Reasons For One Sided Open Relationship

Reasons For One-Sided Open Relationships

If you’re scratching your head wondering, “What’s the point?” you’re not alone. While the concept of a one-sided open relationship can be baffling to some, there are several reasons people decide to take this path. Here, we’ll delve into the motivations behind such a choice.

1. Seeking Variety

For some, a one-sided open relationship is like an endless buffet while staying committed to your favorite dish.

Variety can provide new experiences and excitement, fulfilling a psychological craving for novelty without sacrificing the comfort and security of the primary relationship.

2. Curiosity and Self-Discovery

Imagine you’ve always been a “one-genre” kind of music fan, but you’re curious about others. The one-sided open relationship can serve as a sandbox for self-exploration.

It allows one partner to discover different aspects of their personality and sexuality without dismantling the core relationship.

3. Addressing Mismatched Libidos

One partner’s low libido and the other’s high libido can create tension in a relationship.

A one-sided open relationship can sometimes be the solution, allowing the higher-libido partner to seek sexual satisfaction elsewhere while maintaining the emotional connection at home.

4. Circumstantial Needs

Sometimes life throws curveballs like long-distance phases, extensive travel, or differing work schedules. A one-sided open relationship can offer a practical solution by fulfilling the companionship or sexual needs that can’t be met due to these circumstances.

5. Emotional Balance

Contrary to what rom-coms tell us, one person can’t meet all our emotional needs . A one-sided open relationship can create an emotional balance where each person gets what they need, be it more emotional support, intellectual stimulation, or simply different types of attention and care.


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