One Sided Open Relationship

The One-Sided Open Relationship

Wondering who came up with the notion of a one-sided open relationship? It’s not as contemporary as you might think. Let’s trace its origins, explore its psychological dimensions, and even dabble in some numbers.

Before we dive deep, let’s answer the million-dollar question: who even started this idea? Believe it or not, variations of one-sided open relationships have been around since, well, humans have.

Mate guarding, an evolutionary psychology concept, suggests that in early societies, one partner *often the male* would have multiple mates while the other stayed loyal. So, in essence, one-sided open relationships aren’t as “modern” as you might think.

Now, what exactly is a one-sided open relationship? Simple: It’s when one partner can explore connections outside the relationship, while the other sticks to monogamy. But why do people even opt for this? To answer that, let’s invite attachment theory to the party.

However, the stats on specifically one-sided open relationships are a bit more elusive. Still, given the rising trend in ethical non-monogamy, it’s safe to say that one-sided open relationships are becoming a notable slice of that pie.


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