4 Things That Makes A Good Relationship In 2023

Every relationship goes through rough patches. But, you can set yourself up for success by understanding the qualities of a healthy partnership. Here’s our advice on what makes a good relationship that you can use to help you to thrive as a couple.

1. Communication

Communicating with your loved one isn’t always easy, especially if you’re feeling angry or upset. Take the time to listen to your partner to find out what their needs are. When they feel heard and understood, it’s easier to navigate conflict in your relationship. Express your feelings honestly and without blame so that they know how you feel too.

Complimenting your partner and asking them constructive questions, can also help to improve communication.  Take the time to tell your partner how much you appreciate them. It’ll be worth it.

2. Self-love

If you’re trying to understand what makes a good relationship, learning to love yourself is a good starting point.  Self love for guys and girls makes it easier to build a caring relationship where each side of the relationship feels valued. When you love yourself, it’s possible to let your guard down and allow your partner to get to know the real you.

Being authentic can be scary but if you love yourself, you’ll want to find a partner who cherishes you, for you. You can nurture self-love by setting boundaries and being kind to yourself.

3. Trust

Trust takes time to build but just a moment to break. Avoid lying to your partner as even small lies slowly erode the trust in your relationship. Telling the truth can lead to conflict but the benefits of being honest make it worthwhile.

If we’re being real, we’ve all felt jealous when we’re dating someone that we’re really into. But if you’re constantly jealous and suspicious of your loved one, it can harm your relationship. Trust goes both ways and you need to learn to believe in the loyalty of your partner once you’ve gotten to know them better.

4. Quality time

Chances are that when you started dating, you spent plenty of time getting to know your new crush. Over time, it’s easy for couples to end up doing fewer and fewer activities together until it starts to damage their relationship.

Rather than letting the spark slowly fade, make a date night each week, turn off your phone, and do something fun together. This is your chance to relax and reconnect with your loved one without any distractions. Movie nights, romantic dinners, and weekend adventures are all opportunities to spend quality time together.


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