Reduce Your Risk Of Covid-19 By Doing Daily Physical Activity(2023)

Health benefits of daily physical activity to reduce Covid-19 risk

Eating the right diet to boost immunity is important, but so is a physical exercise regime. According to Dr Nayyar, moving your body daily offers a myriad of health benefits. She reckons at least 20-30 minutes of workout a minimum of 3 times a week. It could be anything ranging from a simple daily brisk walk to bicycle riding to running.

1. Lowers stress levels

Exercises are believed to decrease the stress hormones in the body. Stress attacks your body’s immunity in totally unfathomable ways. Being a major cause of bad immunity, a regular workout is believed to release endorphins that are happy hormones and keeps stress at bay. Also, what’s better than feeling good every single day?

Exercise can reduce stress. 

2. Gives a tough fight to any type of infections

Engaging your body in a workout helps fight infections better with increased antibody response. A regular 30 minutes of physical activity increases cd4 cells and IgA which further aids in giving a boost to your immunity.

3. Improved quality of sleep

Normally, 7-8 hours of daily sleep is suggested to rejuvenate your body and increase productivity levels. When your body engages in strenuous high-intensity workouts regularly, your body feels exhausted by the end of the day. This exhaustion further translates to improved quality of sleep. And, daily deep sleep works miraculously as an immunity booster.

4. Prevents obesity while keeping you fit

Obesity can lead to a set of chronic health issues and makes you lazy and lethargic. Workout can help shed that extra weight from your body and aids in healthier weight management. Being physically fit is a boon in its own ways. A fit person with an ideal weight has a lesser chance of developing chronic illnesses. And, even if one catches any illness, the body is in its perfect state to give a tough battle against infections.

Step up your fight against Covid-19 with strength. 

5. Decreases severity of Covid-19 illness

Exercises such as running or cycling are proven to increase lung capacity and better respiratory health. Covid-19 tends to attack people’s respiratory organs. So, it is essential to keep your respiratory health under check to combat the risk of catching covid or reduce the severity of its symptoms. Techniques like deep breathing further enhance the working of your respiratory organs.

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