Reduce Your Intake Of Salt! Healthy Ways To Help You Out On It(2023)

So how do you cut down on your salt intake?

Most of us tend to add copious amounts of salt to our diet without realizing that we are just piling up sodium in our bodies. However, there are several ways in which you can reduce your salt consumption. We list down some of them here:

1. Don’t add excess salt while you are cooking your food.

2. Make sure to always measure salt before adding it to food. Do just make an estimate and sprinkle it. It will also help you take into account how much you consume in a day.

3. Never place a salt shaker on the table on which you eat food as it will help in reducing the temptation.

4. Be it salty snacks or foods like pickles, papads, and chips, just limit their consumption.

5. Try to have foods with a low-sodium content. It will help you in controlling your salt intake. In fact, have a know-how of nutritive value labels so that you can compare, and then purchase foods.

6. Pick only fresh, unprocessed or minimally-processed foods because processed and packaged foods have high sodium content due to presence of preservatives.

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