Recent Treatment And Management Of Vestibular Hypofunction(2023)

Treatment and management Of Vestibular Hypofunction

As per the expert, the treatment largely depends on the cause of the disease. Infections, trauma and toxins should be treated and avoided as soon as they are encountered. Whenever vestibular hypofunction is suspected, detailed neurological and ENT examinations are needed to arrive at a diagnosis. In addition to medication, one of the most important parts of managing the condition is vestibular rehabilitation.

Know how to manage vestibular hypofunction. 

As for the management of the condition, she suggests numerous vestibular exercises that can be tailored according to the patient’s clinical condition and the cause. Some of the exercises she suggests, include:

1. Training the eyes: For this, the patient should sit up in bed, look up and down side to side with the eyes and the pace has to be gradually increased.
2. Patient should sit up and shrug his shoulders and then stand, walking balance and passing the ball from one hand to the other.
3. Exercises for body balance.
4. Exercises to counter the movement which causes dizziness.

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