Recent Health Study On Sanitary Pads(2023)

Health Study On Sanitary Pad(2023)

While sanitary pads are believed to be a comfortable option and the most commonly used items among women in India, they don’t seem to be the safest. However, this doesn’t mean that you go back to using cloth or newspapers during menstruation. Dr Siddhartha warns, “It is unhealthy and makes women susceptible to various infections.”

Use tampons of menstrual cups to avoid problems caused by sanitary pads. 

Now, after this sanitary pad revelation, the big question is what next? What exactly is suitable for them? Dr Siddhartha suggests the following:

* Opt for tampons and menstrual cup. However, you need to use them safely as per the instructions of the doctor.
* If you choose to continue using sanitary pads, change it frequently.
* Avoid using any pads containing fragrances, and make sure that the pad is made with a soft material that does not lead to allergies or infections.
* Keep your vagina clean to keep likely infections at bay.

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