Recent Health Reasons Why You Should Be Careful While Using Trampoline(2023)

Reasons why you should be careful while using a trampoline

  • Avoid doing stunts like flipping back and losing control of your body, while using the trampoline. That’s because it can cause cervical spine injuries. Rebounding can also lead to spine compression by overstretching joints, which intensify the pressure on the discs located between our joints.
  • “Avoid jumping from a great height since there are more chances of the body losing control in such instances. Unplanned landings in a trampoline workout or jump can lead to injuries. When many people use the trampoline at the same time, the risk of getting hurt increases,” says Puri.
  • In case you attend a trampoline gym, ensure that you never jump on a surface, when someone else already is. If someone starts jumping on your surface, you must stop at once and inform the other person that this is a safety hazard.
  • Rebounders, especially the cheap ones, can be bad for the knees since these have mats that are easily stretchable and sag after a while. Jumping on such a mat can injure our knees by misaligning them. To avoid damage, bend your knees slightly as you land.
    A wrong move on a trampoline can give your joint ache.
  • Poor quality trampoline fabric can result in injuries, due to the high risk of tearing of the fabric or the ropes to which it is fastened.
  • Maintain a precise landing angle during leaps to avoid fractures and damaging lower extremities. Bad landing angles may result in neck injuries and cause sprain and fractures.
  • Avoid eating immediately before jumping on the trampoline. Give a gap of at least one-two hours between the exercise and your meal. Jumping soon after eating will not allow your body to digest the food and may cause vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Avoid drinking a lot of fluids as these too can cause dizziness and vomiting.
    If you’re using a trampoline for the first time, attempt the jump barefoot or in a pair of socks, which will help you to stabilize. Begin with basic techniques such as jumping jacks and jogging. Opt for an in-person group fitness or rebounding class. Keep children less than six years of age from performing trampoline jumps. Do consult a doctor before getting started.

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