Reality And Perception? 6 Helpful Steps To Untangle Reality From Perception In 2023


1. Think about an issue or problem you want to resolve.

Really get to the heart of what’s bothering you or what you’d like to shift or change.

2. Consider how you might be perpetuating the problem or issue.

Brainstorm as many of these types of contributing factors as you can, however unbelievable or extreme they might seem.

Pay particular attention to thoughts and feelings that might contribute.  Don’t worry if it feels like you’re overly blaming yourself.

3. Seek feedback from others.

When you have exhausted all of your ideas, ask a few others who know you well for their thoughts too.

4. Analyze the responses.

Evaluate your responses and those from others. Underline any from other people that appear more than once. Then circle those that you also put down.

5. Evaluate the truth.

Assume that any of the reasons you discovered from self-evaluation and from others might be true, beginning with those you circled.

Find as many ways to support or justify these reasons as you can, even if they don’t initially seem true.

If none of the circled items seem to fit, then repeat this process with what you underlined or by repeating steps 1-5.

6. Redefine the problem and find solutions.

Once you feel like you’ve landed on what feels true to you, redefine the problem or issue and brainstorm solutions accordingly.

How well are you able to untangle perception from reality?

Given how subjective perception is, it’s no exaggeration to say that, in the moment, your perception is your reality.

Only when we take a step back to question our own perception do we enable ourselves to see beyond it.

The perception is reality philosophy takes for granted that an objective view of reality is an elusive ideal.

Individual perception is selective. So, when we take the time to learn what other people see that we don’t (and vice-versa), we see more of what’s going on.

And we’re better able to influence reality in a constructive way.

May your influence on reality bless everyone affected by it (including yourself).

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