What does real love feel like?

What does real love feel like?

Love is a holistic feeling. It involves many elements, words, and actions which define love. What love means to you depends on how it makes you feel and the experiences it brings into your life.

Many people may wonder, ‘What is the meaning of love in a relationship?’ The answer lies in the elements of love.

1. Care

Care is one of the primary elements of love.

If we love someone, we care about them, their feelings, and their well-being. We may go out of our way to ensure they are okay and even compromise and sacrifice our needs and want to give them what they need.

2. Admiration

Admiration is very crucial in love and relationships.

Admiration can be for their physicality or even for their mind and personality. Liking someone for their external and internal self and respecting their thoughts are essential elements of love.

3. Desire

Desire is both sexual, physical, and mental.

Just wanting to spend more time with someone, being around them, and wanting them – are all parts of the desire you feel when you are in love with someone.


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