Relationship Quotes

1. “She doesn’t know she’s being used and it would break her heart in two.” — Frazier

2.  “If a girl wasn’t loved a little bit, without the depth of affection that might at least be mistaken for love, she was being used, and no one was the better for being used” ― Dean Koontz

3. “Now you’re being used and you’re so confused that there’s nothing left to gain; Baby you could be in your lover’s reign.” — Michael Sterling

4. “I am not a tool for your convenience. I am a human being with my own thoughts and feelings.” — Unknown

5.  “A brilliant lie. / All the time that was spent, / Being used, I should have said, / Goodbye and thanks for the memories.” ― Ashley Hittesdorp

6.  “While someone may have used you, that experience may have made you stronger, wiser, and better.” — Richard Osibanjo

7. “What’s worse than being alone? being used, lied to, deceived, left behind and completely forgotten.” — Kreayshawn

8. “You used me. You made me feel special then you threw me away when you were bored. You took my trust. You broke my trust. You turned people against me. You turned me against myself.” ― Faith Dismuke


Heartbreaks and heartaches are part and parcel of life and you should learn to accept that. After all, life isn’t a bed of roses. It is a journey wherein you experience unpredictable feelings and deepest fears. There will be times when you will feel betrayed, played, and taken advantage of by your true friend or life partner or closest friends. As small comfort and some motivation, these being used quotes can make you feel a lot better. These words are like powerful reminders to know your worth and move on with your head held high. As the saying goes, “people will only use you if you allow them to do so”.

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