20 Best Quotes About Being Used In 2023

Whether you are being used by someone for money, love, or power, this bank of quotes will get you on the right track and make you feel much better. So, don’t sit dormant, chin up, know your worth, and keep your boundaries intact.

1. “Everyone is a tool for someone. The thing to consider is what exactly one should be used for.” — Erich Hoeber

2. “Know the difference between helping others and being used by them.” — Agnes Bonas

3. “Being used is not a destiny; it’s a choice.” — Assegid Habtewold

4. “It’s breaking my heart the way this world is so mean to people with pure intentions and soft hearts. With time I’ve seen much cruelty towards good people that instead of being cherished, they are actually being used.” — Samiha Totanji

5. “If you feel you are always being used, thank Almighty He made you useful.” ― Ibn Jeem

6. “If someone is using you, you can deny their access.” ― Chante’ Whisonant

7.  “Is that what love is? Using people? And maybe that’s what hate is – not being able to use people.” — Tennessee Williams

8. “I kinda felt like the first slice of bread in the bag. Everyone touched me, but no one wanted me.” ― Kelly Moran

9. “People know who they can walk over and who they can’t. If someone is walking all over you it’s because they know you’ll put up with it.” — Sonya Parker

10. “There is no harm in being used. We all use one another daily. But were you misused by me? I can think of no one alive who could have performed better under the demands of your fate.” — Thomm Quackenbush

11. “You don’t have to let yourself be used like toilet paper and flushed down the toilet.” — Mike Jason

12.   “Nice people hate saying ‘no’ to their friends and family, that’s why they get used and taken advantage of.” — Sonya Parker

13. “Anyone who allows other people to control and guide their destiny will eventually become bitter and feel used and taken advantage of.” — Innah Delos Angeles

14. “There will always be someone, somewhere, who will use you if you let them. Keep yourself guarded. Don’t overlook the obvious.” — Carla Jackson

15. “Always question everything, and never let yourself be used. Never become somebody’s pawn.” — Ciara Graves

16.  “Even the most caring people can get tired of being taken for granted.” — Nishan Panwar

17.  “Just because you don’t use people, doesn’t mean they won’t use you.” ― Mary Joye

18.  “Do not allow yourself to be used for a life that is below your potential for good.” — Michael McFadden

19.  “If there are people in your life that you feel are using you, you need to reset the boundaries. Learn to say, “no.” People only treat us as bad as we allow.” ― Laura Barrette Shannon

20. “You will be taken for granted. You may be hurt to your very core, and still be asked to give a little more!” ― Adiela Akoo, Lost in a Quatrain

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