15 Engaging Questions To Ask A Girl You Like (2023)

Communication is the easiest way to bond with a lady. It’s not just talking about some random stuff, but things she’s genuinely interested in. Trust me; if you know the right questions to ask a girl, you can easily engage her in a lengthy discussion.

It usually annoys a lady when you can’t come up with an exciting conversation. She will see you as a dry and boring guy. But if you ask some engaging questions, there will be a lot of things to talk about. So, relax as I teach you some of the most engaging questions to ask a girl you like.

questions to ask a girl

#1. What Skills Do You Have That Most People Don’t Know?

One of the questions to ask a girl you like is about her secret skills. It’s an easy way to engage her because girls love talking about themselves.

If you ask this question the right way, you will allow her to talk more about herself. Trust me; girls are always happy when allowed to brag about themselves a little. 

#2. Which Of Your Childhood Toys Do You Love The Most?

This question can bring about a whole lot of funny and ribs cracking conversation, although she may not want to answer the question at first. But with a little push, you will open up to you.

Again, this question will reveal a whole lot of things about her childhood to you. And if you want to get her a surprise gift, you can guess what you would like based on this question.

#3. What’s The Best Gift Someone Has Ever Given To You?

This is one of the best questions to ask a girl. The question reveals two things – if the lady is materialistic or appreciate little things.

For instance, if she tells you that the best gift someone has ever given to her is a silver chain with a custom pendant. It’s an indication that she pays less attention to the financial value of a gift.

#4. What Moment Do You Find Most Embarrassing in High School?

Some questions will allow you to know a lady better. And this is one of such questions. When together, the lady may or may not answer this question easily. 

But when alone, she will realize that all you are doing is to know her better. And it gladdens a lady’s heart to see that you are interested in learning more about her.

#5. If You Suddenly Realize That Your House Is On Fire, What Would You Grab?

This question sounds funny, but it enables you to know what a lady cares about the most. From experience, people often get a surprising response to this question. Some girls may tell you that they will pick their iPhone 11. 

#6. Where Is Your Dream Tourist Location?

Asking the question about a lady’s dream tourist location is an excellent way to start a conversation with them. Furthermore, the question will enable you to know if your travel interest aligns with hers. 

Interestingly, this question will trigger the girl to start giving you attention. Do you know why? It’s simple; she believes that you want to travel with her sometime in the future. Trust me; she will fantasize about this as long as she can. 

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#7. As a Child What Was Your Dream Career?

This is a mind blowing question any lady would respond to immediately. The question enables you to know what she’s passionate about and her ambition in life. 

If you discover that she’s yet to achieve her childhood dream, you can encourage her to keep the flame burning. This will give her the impression that you care about her vision and ambition. Trust me; it’s enough to spark off love chemistry. 

#8. If You Have The Opportunity To Listen To A Song In Your Dying Moment, What Song Will You Listen To?

A lady’s choice of music says a whole lot of things about her. Is she going to listen to a love song? Well, her response will tell. 

#9. Where Was The Worst Place You Work?

Stories about work experience are always fascinating to talk about. From the annoying boss, over sabi colleague, endless meetings, etc., the stories are never-ending. 

As part of the conversation, ask her about her current work and if she’s comfortable with the environment. The topic may sound boring initially. But it gladdens a lady to know that she has someone she can discuss her work-related issues with. 

Relationship Related Questions To Ask A Girl You Love

#10. How Do You Want Your Ideal Life To Look Like?

This is one of the best questions to ask a girl you love. It enables you to know her on a deeper level. However, if you want to get a better response to this question, ask the question the right way. 

You could ask her the question this way “Take a deep breath, close your eyes, hold your thoughts for a few seconds and imagine how you want your ideal life to look like. 

This question is very realistic and will enable you to know your girlfriend’s personality. From her response, you can judge if she’s the type of lady you want to have a serious relationship with. 

#11. What Do You Think Are The Responsibility Of A Woman In a Relationship?

This is another important question to ask a girl you want to settle down with. If you ask this question gently and harmless, she will tell you her perspective about a woman’s role in a relationship. 


Pay attention to her response, and see if you guys are compatible or not. Interestingly, the question will also give you an idea of her expectations from a relationship. It’s during a time like this; you can spot a nagging or understanding woman.

#12. What Happened To Your Last Relationship?

This is one of the best relationship-related questions to engage a girl you love. Let me warn you; the response may make you jealous. But it will give you an insight into what happened in her last relationship. 

I would want you to pay close attention to what she’s saying and her definition of an ideal relationship. The question will also expose you to her ability to sustain a relationship and the things you dislike so much. If you understand some of these things, you are less likely to have issues with her during the relationship. 

#13. Have You Broken Someone’s Heart In A Relationship Before?

This is actually a sensitive question that may make her angry. But if you ask it in the right context, she may not read meaning to it. As a matter of fact, this question will make her feel uncomfortable. Yet, it’s essential to ask her. 

Interestingly, her response will enable you to know if she can stay in a relationship for a long time or not. 

Furthermore, you will be able to tell if cheating is in her nature or she broke her ex guy’s heart due to circumstances. So, once you gather this information, you can know if you guys are a fit for each other or not. 

#14. How Do You Freshen Yourself After A Stressful Day?

The question may seem unnecessary to some people. But it’s very important. It will give you an idea on how to rejuvenate your woman when she’s stressed. 

#15. What’s Your Favorite Movie of All Time?

We often ask our friends this question. But there’s nothing bad if you ask a girl you love. It will give you an idea of how to make her smile when she’s angry. So, these are the questions to ask a girl to make your conversation with her interesting. 

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