38 Qualities All 20s Are Looking For In A Guy

Women in their 20s definitely want a guy who can make them laugh.
So much so that laugh was the #1 word mentioned while describing who their perfect match would be. Other popular traits also included funny, sense of humor, make me laugh, and love to laugh. 

Fun is a top priority.
Though women of all age groups mention fun as a top characteristic (4th for women in their 30s and 40s, and 3rd for women who are 50+), for women in their fun was the #2 thing they bring up when describing what they want in a guy.

Like all women, they want someone honest.
For women in their 30s,  40s, and 50s honest was the #1 word mentioned while describing the person they’re looking for. As it turns out, women in their 20s are looking for an honest man too. It was the 4th most mentioned word. Also popular was loyal, respectful, genuine, and real.

Women in their 20s think about height more.
Unlike other age-groups, women in their 20s were the only group to mention that a tall guy was important.

Believe it or not, women in their 20s are interested in a man who’s interested in a family. A guy who values family was the 7th most popular word, while kids was mentioned 12th.

What Women In Their 20s Are Looking for in a Guy
The Top 38 Words  Mentioned While Describing Their Perfect Match

  1. laugh
  2. fun
  3. funny
  4. honest
  5. sense of humor
  6. kind
  7. family
  8. caring
  9. smile
  10. make me laugh
  11. ambitious
  12. going
  13. loyal
  14. loving
  15. outgoing
  16. adventurous
  17. respectful
  18. smart
  19. sweet
  20. tall
  21. positive
  22. romantic
  23. down to earth
  24. intelligent
  25. outdoors
  26. spontaneous
  27. gentleman
  28. genuine
  29. travel
  30. creative
  31. adventures
  32. respect
  33. music
  34. real
  35. understanding
  36. animal
  37. money
  38. God

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